9/23 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Never You Mind by Baegod, sbvce on Single (Bedroom Trap Entertainment) New Local
  2. Ritual by Abra Taylor on Single (Self Released) New
  3. You and Me by Marc Billet on Single (Self Release) New
  4. Left On Read by Shopan on Single (Self Release) New
  5. Nightshade by Single on Sam Wills, Jed Holland (Nxtgen Records) New
  6. Fairytale feat. Emmavie by Solqlap Budapest on Single (Noord Records) New
  7. Sunrise by Jack Page on Single (Self Release)
  8. It's A Feeling with Mel Pacifico and Uness by RockLee on Single (RockLee Productions) New
  9. Thrill (feat. Liv.e) by Love Mansuy, Liv.e on Single (Love and Company LLC) New
  10. Inside by Ginette Claudette on Single (Summerchill Records)
  11. Thinking About You by Hands on Single (Self Released) New
  12. Thought You'd Stay feat. Isla June by Westerns on Single (Self Released) New Local
  13. Go (Detroit Swindle Remix) by Hablot Brown on Single (Self Release)
  14. All U (Obli Remix) by mai.la on Blush Remixes (Foreign Family Collective)
  15. Hand in Hand by JayenxDistrict on Single (Self Release) New
  16. Drawn To You by Vincent Vega, spring gang on Single (Epidemic Sound) New
  17. Pray by Eli Moon on Single (Meridan) New
  18. Recall feat. Akacia by Advent on Single (Seeking Blue Records) New
  19. Aphrodite by RINI on After The Sun (Warner Records)
  20. Coffee Bean by Zeniah on Single (Down To Mars)
  21. Amber by Unusual DeMont on Single (Unusual Productions) New
  22. Pick Up Your Phone by Hojean on Single (Self Release) New
  23. Wanna Be Myself by MAMAMOO on Single (RBW) New
  24. What To Feel feat, Ro by Lucian on Single (Self Released)
  25. Gold by Thomas Ng on Single (Self Release) New
  26. Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) by MAX on Colour Vision (Sony Music Entertainment) New
  27. Electric Feel by Lonely Twin on Single (Self Release)
  28. Morir Juntos by Corinna Smith, Lenny Tavares on Single (Rimas Entertainment) New
  29. Blood Red Roses by Gary Beals on Single (Fullcc Music Group) New
  30. Tweedlydoo by Eric Darius on Single (Lil Rod Productions)
  31. Carefree (Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020) by dryhope x Gustav Gustav on Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020 (Chillhop Music) New
  32. Best Thing by Janine on Single (Little Mixtape Records)
  33. Fallin Fallin feat Sahara by Fhin on Single (Delicieuse Records)
  34. Same Love by Alexander Vincent on Single (Self Released)
  35. Kaelin Ellis by ISO on Single (NCH Music)