55 - Space Children


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  1. Dance Floor by Zapp on 80s Hits (Warner Bros. ) $ Buy
  2. Ain't That Peculiar (Live) by Rufus & Chaka Khan on Live - Stompin' At The Savoy (Warner Bros. ) $ Buy
  3. Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me by Kid Creole and the Coconuts on Tropical Gangsters (ZE) $ Buy
  4. Why I Came to California by Leon Ware on Leon Ware (Elektra) $ Buy
  5. Stars in Your Eyes by Herbie Hancock on Monster (Columbia ) $ Buy
  6. Space Children by LaBelle on Nightbirds (Epic) $ Buy
  7. Courage by Minuemen on Ballot Result (SST) $ Buy
  8. International Jet Set by The Specials on More Specials (Two Tone) $ Buy
  9. Girls Like Me by Bonnie Hayes on Good Clean Fun (Slash) $ Buy
  10. One Way Love (Better Off Dead) by E.G. Daly on Better Off Dead - Original Soundtrack (A&M) $ Buy
  11. Clockout by Devo on Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 (Rykodisc) $ Buy
  12. Seek & Destroy by Bloody Fortress on Split (Nocturnal Hustle ) $ Buy
  13. Good For The Gander by Hot Chocolate on Good For The Gander / We Had True Love (Co Co Cleveland ) $ Buy
  14. I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo) by Prince on I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo) (NPG) $ Buy
  15. Slow Down Children by Isley Brothers on Between The Sheets (T-Neck) $ Buy
  16. Soilders by Abba on The Visitors (Epic) $ Buy
  17. Rheinhardt and Geraldine / Colores Para Dolores by Kevin Ayers on Shooting at the Moon (Parlophone) $ Buy
  18. Anibal by Los Relampagos on Paginas musicales de la historia de Espana (RCA ) $ Buy
  19. Devil Woman by Manfredd Mann Chapter Three on Chapter III Vol 1 (Petbrook Limited) $ Buy
  20. Skylab by Electronic System ‎ on Tchip.Tchip (Vol. 3) (Omega International) $ Buy