55 - Space Children


  1. Dance Floor by Zapp on 80s Hits (Warner Bros.)
  2. Ain't That Peculiar (Live) by Rufus & Chaka Khan on Live - Stompin' At The Savoy (Warner Bros.)
  3. Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me by Kid Creole and the Coconuts on Tropical Gangsters (ZE)
  4. Why I Came to California by Leon Ware on Leon Ware (Elektra)
  5. Stars in Your Eyes by Herbie Hancock on Monster (Columbia)
  6. Space Children by LaBelle on Nightbirds (Epic)
  7. Courage by Minuemen on Ballot Result (SST)
  8. International Jet Set by The Specials on More Specials (Two Tone)
  9. Girls Like Me by Bonnie Hayes on Good Clean Fun (Slash)
  10. One Way Love (Better Off Dead) by E.G. Daly on Better Off Dead - Original Soundtrack (A&M)
  11. Clockout by Devo on Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 (Rykodisc)
  12. Seek & Destroy by Bloody Fortress on Split (Nocturnal Hustle)
  13. Good For The Gander by Hot Chocolate on Good For The Gander / We Had True Love (Co Co Cleveland)
  14. I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo) by Prince on I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo) (NPG)
  15. Slow Down Children by Isley Brothers on Between The Sheets (T-Neck)
  16. Soilders by Abba on The Visitors (Epic)
  17. Rheinhardt and Geraldine / Colores Para Dolores by Kevin Ayers on Shooting at the Moon (Parlophone)
  18. Anibal by Los Relampagos on Paginas musicales de la historia de Espana (RCA)
  19. Devil Woman by Manfredd Mann Chapter Three on Chapter III Vol 1 (Petbrook Limited)
  20. Skylab by Electronic System ‎ on Tchip.Tchip (Vol. 3) (Omega International)