sadderday, #158


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  1. Thicker Than Blood by Tancred on Tancred (Top Shelf) $ Buy
  2. Break
  3. We Exist by Rufio on MCMLXXXV (Nitro) $ Buy
  4. Savior by No Motiv on Diagram for Healing (Vagrant) $ Buy
  5. Break
  6. Hoods Up by Bane on The Note (Equal Vision) $ Buy
  7. They Faced Each Other by The Chariot on The Fiancée (Solid State) $ Buy
  8. Break
  9. Lay Awake by City Mouth on Hollows (Take This To Heart) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Dad Got Me a Lefty Desk by Yes Yes a Thousand Times Yes on Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes & Fits (Broken World Media) $ Buy
  12. It's Not a Lie, It's a Secret by Lemuria on The First Collection (Asian Man) $ Buy
  13. Rat Baby by Crying on Get Olde (Run For Cover) $ Buy
  14. Radio Song by Hot Rod Circuit on If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me (Big Wheel Recreation) $ Buy
  15. Zodiac by that dog. on that dog. (DGC) $ Buy
  16. Break
  17. Ace of Fools by Birds in Row on Collected LP (Vitriol) $ Buy
  18. ...And That's Why You Always Leave a Note! by Dowsing on All I Could Find Was You (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  19. Empty Homes by My Heart to Joy on Seasons in Verse (Asbestos) $ Buy
  20. Break
  21. Asking for It by Heart Attack Man on Fake Blood (Triple Crown) $ Buy
  22. Sheets and Organs by XBXRX on Wars (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  23. Break
  24. Knives, Bats, New Tats by Lifetime on Hello Bastards (Jade Tree) $ Buy
  25. Fightboat by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die on Whenever, If Ever (Broken World Media) $ Buy
  26. Five Year Old Mentality by The Assistant on The Assistant (Miligram) $ Buy
  27. Akimbo by Strikeforce Diablo on Split Record(ing) (Push Pull) $ Buy
  28. Break
  29. 23 by Soul Glo on The Nigga In Me Is Me (SRA) $ Buy
  30. Break
  31. Link In Bio by Diet Cig on Swear I'm Good At This (Frenchkiss) $ Buy
  32. Terra Cotta Army by By Surprise on Four on Seven in Eight (Self Released) $ Buy
  33. It's Not That by Stars Hollow on Happy Again (Chatterbot) $ Buy
  34. Break
  35. Bare My Teeth by Converge on No Heroes (Epitaph) $ Buy
  36. Eris and Dysnomia by A Skylit Drive on Wires...And the Concept of Breathing (Tragic Hero) $ Buy
  37. Break
  38. Muffie's Return by Best Witches on Wishes (Self Released) $ Buy
  39. Break
  40. Redwoods by Dad Punchers on Dad Punchers (Sea Legs) $ Buy
  41. Break
  42. Closet Anthem by Park Jefferson on Park Jefferson (Sleep On It) $ Buy
  43. Break
  44. Luc Bongley by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Tiny Engines) $ Buy
  45. A Letter to My Uncle by Twelve Hour Turn on Split Record(ing) (Push Pull) $ Buy
  46. Break
  47. Funeral for a Friend by Planes Mistaken for Stars on Fuck With Fire (NO Idea) $ Buy
  48. What Are You Going to Do by Super Unison on Auto (Deathwish) $ Buy
  49. Break
  50. In Green by Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! on Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  51. Waiting by Turnover on Turnover (Broken Rim) $ Buy
  52. Wants/Needs by Touché Amoré on Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me (Deathwish) $ Buy
  53. Mark Z. Danielewski by Snowing on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  54. They Kill Gods, Don't They? by The Whoopass Girls on More Soda (No Direction) $ Buy
  55. Warren Street by We Love You on Forges/We Love You (Self Released) $ Buy
  56. Mixed Horror Stories by Coping on Lawndale (Fliff City) $ Buy
  57. Fake Death by Tigers Jaw on 4-Way Split (Top Shelf) $ Buy
  58. Blood and Oranges by Viva Death on Viva Death (Vagrant) $ Buy
  59. I Will Seriously Pay You to Shut Up by Ten Grand on This Is The Way To Rule (Southern) $ Buy
  60. Stationary by Knuckle Puck on Copacetic (Rise) $ Buy
  61. Today is Especially Delicious by Free Throw on What's Past is Prologue (Triple Crown) $ Buy
  62. Stab by Title Fight on Shed (SideOneDummy) $ Buy
  63. Something Less by Comeback Kid on Turn It Around (Facedown) $ Buy
  64. Choke by Counterparts on Tragedy Will Find Us (Pure Noise) $ Buy
  65. The Greatest Comeback of All Time by Such Gold on Stand Tall (Mightier Than The Sword) $ Buy
  66. A Friendly Committee by The Beautiful Mistake on This Is Who You Are (The Militia Group) $ Buy
  67. private message by as a sketch pad on as a sketch pad (Ungulates) $ Buy
  68. Dissonant by Arrows In Her on It Tired Me All The Same (Broken World Media) $ Buy
  69. Everywhere by Spraynard on Mable (Jade Tree) $ Buy
  70. Heart Tattoo by Joyce Manor on Never Hungover Again (Epitaph) $ Buy