sadderday, #158


  1. Thicker Than Blood by Tancred on Tancred (Top Shelf)
  2. Break
  3. We Exist by Rufio on MCMLXXXV (Nitro)
  4. Savior by No Motiv on Diagram for Healing (Vagrant)
  5. Break
  6. Hoods Up by Bane on The Note (Equal Vision)
  7. They Faced Each Other by The Chariot on The Fiancée (Solid State)
  8. Break
  9. Lay Awake by City Mouth on Hollows (Take This To Heart)
  10. Break
  11. Dad Got Me a Lefty Desk by Yes Yes a Thousand Times Yes on Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes & Fits (Broken World Media)
  12. It's Not a Lie, It's a Secret by Lemuria on The First Collection (Asian Man)
  13. Rat Baby by Crying on Get Olde (Run For Cover)
  14. Radio Song by Hot Rod Circuit on If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me (Big Wheel Recreation)
  15. Zodiac by that dog. on that dog. (DGC)
  16. Break
  17. Ace of Fools by Birds in Row on Collected LP (Vitriol)
  18. ...And That's Why You Always Leave a Note! by Dowsing on All I Could Find Was You (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  19. Empty Homes by My Heart to Joy on Seasons in Verse (Asbestos)
  20. Break
  21. Asking for It by Heart Attack Man on Fake Blood (Triple Crown)
  22. Sheets and Organs by XBXRX on Wars (Polyvinyl)
  23. Break
  24. Knives, Bats, New Tats by Lifetime on Hello Bastards (Jade Tree)
  25. Fightboat by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die on Whenever, If Ever (Broken World Media)
  26. Five Year Old Mentality by The Assistant on The Assistant (Miligram)
  27. Akimbo by Strikeforce Diablo on Split Record(ing) (Push Pull)
  28. Break
  29. 23 by Soul Glo on The Nigga In Me Is Me (SRA)
  30. Break
  31. Link In Bio by Diet Cig on Swear I'm Good At This (Frenchkiss)
  32. Terra Cotta Army by By Surprise on Four on Seven in Eight (Self Released)
  33. It's Not That by Stars Hollow on Happy Again (Chatterbot)
  34. Break
  35. Bare My Teeth by Converge on No Heroes (Epitaph)
  36. Eris and Dysnomia by A Skylit Drive on Wires...And the Concept of Breathing (Tragic Hero)
  37. Break
  38. Muffie's Return by Best Witches on Wishes (Self Released)
  39. Break
  40. Redwoods by Dad Punchers on Dad Punchers (Sea Legs)
  41. Break
  42. Closet Anthem by Park Jefferson on Park Jefferson (Sleep On It)
  43. Break
  44. Luc Bongley by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Tiny Engines)
  45. A Letter to My Uncle by Twelve Hour Turn on Split Record(ing) (Push Pull)
  46. Break
  47. Funeral for a Friend by Planes Mistaken for Stars on Fuck With Fire (NO Idea)
  48. What Are You Going to Do by Super Unison on Auto (Deathwish)
  49. Break
  50. In Green by Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! on Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (Polyvinyl)
  51. Waiting by Turnover on Turnover (Broken Rim)
  52. Wants/Needs by Touché Amoré on Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me (Deathwish)
  53. Mark Z. Danielewski by Snowing on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  54. They Kill Gods, Don't They? by The Whoopass Girls on More Soda (No Direction)
  55. Warren Street by We Love You on Forges/We Love You (Self Released)
  56. Mixed Horror Stories by Coping on Lawndale (Fliff City)
  57. Fake Death by Tigers Jaw on 4-Way Split (Top Shelf)
  58. Blood and Oranges by Viva Death on Viva Death (Vagrant)
  59. I Will Seriously Pay You to Shut Up by Ten Grand on This Is The Way To Rule (Southern)
  60. Stationary by Knuckle Puck on Copacetic (Rise)
  61. Today is Especially Delicious by Free Throw on What's Past is Prologue (Triple Crown)
  62. Stab by Title Fight on Shed (SideOneDummy)
  63. Something Less by Comeback Kid on Turn It Around (Facedown)
  64. Choke by Counterparts on Tragedy Will Find Us (Pure Noise)
  65. The Greatest Comeback of All Time by Such Gold on Stand Tall (Mightier Than The Sword)
  66. A Friendly Committee by The Beautiful Mistake on This Is Who You Are (The Militia Group)
  67. private message by as a sketch pad on as a sketch pad (Ungulates)
  68. Dissonant by Arrows In Her on It Tired Me All The Same (Broken World Media)
  69. Everywhere by Spraynard on Mable (Jade Tree)
  70. Heart Tattoo by Joyce Manor on Never Hungover Again (Epitaph)