1. Held Open Door by Floating Room on Tired and True (Self Released)
  2. What Are Friends For? by The Sonder Bombs on What Are Friends For? (Take This To Heart)
  3. Good Girl Bad Seeds by Cherry Pickle on The Juice That's Worth the Squeeze (PNKSLM)
  4. Good Time by Teenanger on Good Time (Telephone Explosion)
  5. Extra Mile by Hikes on Mahal Kita (Community)
  6. Outlier by Petrov on Flower Bed (Self Aware)
  7. Electrocution (Demo) by Automatic on Demo (Self Released)
  8. Face Me by Cheap Meat on Let's Eat! (Discontinuous Innovation Inc.)
  9. Don't Talk To Me by Home Blitz on All Through the Year (Self Released)
  10. Enamorados Del Control Total by Algaras on Rico Al Mismo De Siempre (La Vide Es Un Mus Disco)
  11. The First Time I Met The Walrus by CHOW on Ancient Gentle Tower (SLACK!)
  12. I Was Denied by Thee Oh Sees on Warm Slime (Castle Face)
  13. Bailey by Suzie True on Saddest Girl At The Party (Get Better)
  14. Desperate by Anna McClellan on I Saw First Light (Father/Daughter)
  15. Destiny Revision by Joan of Arc on Tim Melina Theo Bobby (Joyful Noise)
  16. Thirteen by Esther Rose (Lemonade)
  17. Moments of Joy by Mallows on How to Use a Mirror (Flowerpot)
  18. Art Art Art by The Reno Casinos on Art Art Art: SIngles Vol 1 (Self Released)
  19. Wild Child by Slander Tongue on Slander Tongue (Slovenly Records)
  20. The Ghost Ease by Angel on Call & Response Compilation (Halfshell)
  21. Relentless Noise by Worriers on You or Someone You Know (6131 Records)
  22. Lay Eggs by Terry on Who's Terry (Self Released)
  23. Living Island (Was a Carpet Shop) by Oh Boland on Living Island (Was A Carpet Shop) (Self Released)
  24. Summertime by Lawn on Johnny (Community)
  25. Sunny Youth by The Gotobeds on How the Brands Stack Up (Split with Daddy's Boy) (Sub Pop)
  26. Day Ripper by Bee Bee Sea (Wild Honey)
  27. Sleep for What by The Unders on III (King Pizza)
  28. Heart of Gold by TV FREAKS on PEOPLE (Self Released)
  29. Breakfast In NY by Fake Dad on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  30. Negative Space (Manic Panic) by Dylan Pacheco on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  31. Rewind by Raw Honey on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  32. Gone So Easily by Three Azmatics on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  33. Don't Wanna Leave by Slimeberg on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  34. In the End by Brunch on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  35. Just Like Kids by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Mom+Pop)
  36. Sell By Date by Pip Blom (Self Released)