Bop Island 20 - Emily in Tokyo


  1. Unknown by Shintaro Sakamoto on Unknown (2014 zelone records)
  2. Shimendoka - 2019 Remastering by Haruomi Hosono on Paraiso (1978 ALFA MUSIC, INC)
  3. Unknown by Shin Sakiura, AAAMYY on NOTE (PARK SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS INC.)
  4. Unknown by Kyoko Togawa on WEEKEND FOR LADIES (Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.)
  5. BLUE feat. kojikoji by LUCKY TAPES on BLUE - Single (JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment)
  6. Lovin' You by CHIAKI SATO on PLANET (Universal Music LLC)
  7. SSAW by YOSA, nagasaka on Magic Hour (Andy)
  8. Say So (Japanese Version) by Rainych on Say So (Japanese Version) (Rainych)
  9. Cant Tell by Yuni Wa on Unknown (Unknown)
  10. Disco (Bad dance doesn't matter) by chelmico on chelmico (CUPCAKE ATM)
  11. Sunset (2019 Y. Nakamura Remastering) by Blu-Swing on Blu-Swing (junonsaisai records)
  12. Love Is the Harmony by Sauce81, Ben Hadwen on I Wanna Show You EP (Beyond Space And Time)