No Visas - Halloween Edition

Hey guys,

Thanks again for tuning in to No Visas on I'm your friend and host Dr. Winston O'Boogie. Today's show is a special Halloween edition of No Visas tunes. International and eclectic creepy, scary and weird.

I'm excited to throw on local Bay Area cumbia group Ritmos Tropicosmos and local legends Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. I got San Diego bands Mursic and Creepxotica in there, new Gaslamp Killer, a nice block of Delights bands from Jerusalem, some French flair with Le Mutant and Juniore.

I tried really hard to stay away from the obvious cliche Halloween songs so I hope you enjoy and throw it on at your Halloween parties!

- Dr. Winston O'Boogie


  1. Ghost Song by Air on The Virgin Suicides (Original Motion Picture Score) (Aircheology)
  2. Elves on X by Mursic on Spawned from a Nightmare (Mursic)
  3. Weeping Ghost by John Carpenter on Weeping Ghost (Sacred Bones Records) New
  4. Hooked on Classics by The Gaslamp Killer on Heart Math (Cuss Records) New
  5. Monsters at Gardens End - Original by Project Gemini on Forest Creeper / Monsters at Gardens End (Delights 45)
  6. Forest Creeper - Original by Project Gemini on Forest Creeper / Monsters at Gardens End (Delights 45)
  7. Acid Wheels - Original by Group Modular on Black Ray / Acid Wheels (Delights 45)
  8. Vitamin C by Mr. Chop on Switched On (Now Again Records)
  9. Profondo Rosso by Goblin on Goblin Greatest Hits (Cinevox)
  10. Goomba Boomba by Creepxotica, Rachel DeShon on Creepxotica (Dionysus Records)
  11. Gopher Mambo by Yma Sumax on Mambo! (The Right Stuff)
  12. Goblin Girl by Frank Zappa on You Are What You Is (Universal Music Enterprises)
  13. A Year of Judges by Stolen Babies on There Be Squabbles Ahead (No Comment Records)
  14. A Puppet Show by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum on In Glorious Times (The End Records) Local
  15. Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion by Fantomas on The Director's Cut (Ipecac) Local
  16. Yes, I'm A Witch by Yoko Ono on Yes I'm A Witch (Yoko Ono)
  17. Spider Baby by Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds on Spider Baby / Apple In the Razor Blade (In the Red Records)
  18. Marabout by Juniore on Juniore (Le Phonographe)
  19. Dracula Yeye by Le Mutant on Super Mario Taco (Boumqueur Edition)
  20. Demolicion by Los Saicos on Demolicion! The Complete Recordings (Distrolux, SL)
  21. El Lobo y El Malo by Thee Commons on Collecion De Oro
  22. Get UR Freak On by Quantic, Los Miticos del Ritmo on Hip Hop En Cumbia (Tru Thoughts)
  23. Legyption by Romano on Romano (Batov Records) New
  24. Simiolo by Dengue Dengue Dengue on La Alianza Profana (Auxiliar)
  25. Zombie Dance by Sonido de la Frontera on Really Bad Music for Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G (Three One G)
  26. Kumbia Zombie by Kumbia Queers on God Save the Queers EP (comfortzone)
  27. El Mercado De Los Brujos by Sonido Gallo Negro on Cumbia Salvaje
  28. Princesa by Isidro Cuevas & Willy Cabañas on Isidro Cuevas & Willy Cabañas (Discos Mas)
  29. Noche Triler by La Mecanica Popular on Noche triles (Names You Can Trust)
  30. Salsa Caliente (Version Aumentada) by Meridian Brothers on Desesperanza (Soundway Records)
  31. Haunted Hula by Creepxotica on Haunted Bossa Nova (Dionysus Records)
  32. Tumba de la Momia by Ritmos Tropicosmos on Tumda de la Momia (Discos Mas) New Local
  33. Beso de Muerte by Ritmos Tropicosmos on Tumda de la Momia (Discos Mas) New Local
  34. Cumbia Espantamuertos by Sonido Gallo Negro on Cumbia Salvaje