The British Are Coming 11-15-2020

Working Men's Club! Mogwai! Bonobo! TRAAMS! Pet Grotesque + MORE!


  1. Tomorrow by Working Men's Club on Working Men's Club (Heavenly)
  2. 450 by Bad Boy Chiller Crew on full wack no brakes (house anxiety)
  3. Atomic Bomb (Hot Chip Remix) by William Onyeabor on What?! (Luaka Bop)
  4. Intercontinental Radio Waves by Traams on Intercontinental Radio Waves (FatCat)
  5. Raise Me (Demo) by The Kills on demo (DOmino)
  6. Unsatisfied by Nine Black Alps on Everything Is (Universal Island)
  7. Pattern Thinker by Haiku Salut on Pattern THinker (secret name)
  8. Bad Advice - Buscabulla Remix by All We Are on Bad Advice - Buscabulla Remix (domino)
  9. Straight to the Morning (feat. Jarvis Cocker) by Hot Chip on Straight to the Morning (Domino)
  10. Somebody Like You by The Magic Gang on somebody like you (warner)
  11. Awkward by The Ordinary Boys on The Ordinary Boys (treat yourself records)
  12. Ultra by Evian Christ on ultra (warp Records)
  13. Science Fair by Black Country, New Road on science fair (ninja tune)
  14. Never Thought I'd Feel Again by The Cribs on Night Network (sonic blew)
  15. Lie Out Loud by BLOXX on lie out loud (Chess Club Records)
  16. Pingin' Alone by Pet Grotesque on female synth player (SR)
  17. 6000 Ft. by Bonobo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs on 6000 ft. (outlier)
  18. Glueland by Do Nothing on glueland (exact truth)
  19. Dry Fantasy by Mogwai on As The Love Continues (Temporary Residence)
  20. Lone Swordsman by Daniel Avery on Dusting for Smoke (Mute)
  21. See You At The Lights by 1990s on cookies (rough trade records)
  22. Before by James Blake on Before (UMG)
  23. the mirror by Fort Romeau on the mirror (Permanent Vacation)
  24. London, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down by Malady on London, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (Nice Swan)
  25. New Curfew by Adulkt Life on new curfew (whats your rupture)