1. Blue Hours by Christoph De Babalon on Recurring Horrors (A Colourful Storm) New
  2. Coins In Vinegar by Chris Abrahams on Thrown (Room40) New
  3. Featured LOG 8 by LOG on LOG ET3RNAL (Experiences Ltd.) New
  4. Featured Camille by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (Kranky) New
  5. Featured The Clock and the Dial by Biosphere on Angel's Flight (AD 93) New
  6. Featured All These Too, I, I Love by William Basinski on Lamentations (Temporary Residence Ltd.) New
  7. Bonded (Fennesz Reimagining) by Cleared on The Key (Touch) New
  8. Equinopes by Joana Guerra on Chão Vermelho (Miasmah Recordings) New
  9. Entcid by Richard Devine on Systik (BL_K NOISE) New