transfiguration #165 when the butterfly tattoo on your back comes to life and flies away from you forever mix (tina burner)


  1. Lunchtime at the Interspecies Café by Raft of Trash on Likeness on the Edge of Town (Warm Winters Ltd.)
  2. Little War (feat. Wovette) by Dukes of Chutney on Hazel (Beats In Space Records)
  3. ALONE by Triathalon on SLEEP CYCLE (Friends Of / Dead Oceans)
  4. Special Times & Places by AKSK on Things We Do (Running Back)
  5. Numb Enough by Routine, Annie Truscott & Jay Som on And Other Things (Friends Of / Dead Oceans)
  6. Heaven by AKUA (self released)
  7. No Butterflies, No Nothing by Erika de Casier (4AD)
  8. Fonction Naturelle by Ouri (Ourielle Auvé)
  9. Visor by Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star on Two Autumns - EP (Posh Isolation)
  10. Highland f/ Takako Minekawa by Magic Touch on Private Lesson (Total Stasis)
  11. Fewiopia by Aksel & Aino on Lullabies For Submarines (Public Possession)
  12. Low Desk : High Shelf by The Green Child on Shimmering Basset (Upset The Rhythm)
  13. City of Dreams by HEALERS co. on After Midnight (Ingrown Records)
  14. This Is Real (feat. Shara Nelson) by Charles Webster on Decision Time (Dimensions Recordings)
  15. Museum On Your Back (with Gacha Bakradze) by Natalie Beridze on GULIAGAVA (Monika Enterprise)
  16. Selfish by Jabu on Sweet Company (do you have peace?)
  17. I Could Vanish by Buddy Love on Pleasure, Now & Forever (Coastal Haze)
  18. Too Much (feat. Buddy Love) by Waterworld (self released)
  19. Tomorrow Comes Today (feat. Quails) by Route 8 on Rewind the Days of Youth (Lobster Theremin)
  20. Hearts on Fire by Better Person on Something to Lose (Arbutus Records)
  21. Golden Streams by Minereed on Time Bullet (Echotourist)
  22. Videosphere by Lake Turner on Videosphere (Kompakt)
  23. Samsāra by Viola Renea on Syguiria Lady (Strangelove Music)
  24. Your Brother by Miljon (Studio Barnhus)
  25. Hold Half by Cuushe (flau)
  26. Reality by Cover Boys (Glossy Mistakes)
  27. Blue Spirit by Private World on Aleph (Dais Records)
  28. It's Your Life by Special Touch on Garden of Life (Heels & Souls Recordings)
  29. Day Dreaming by Brijean on Feelings (Ghostly International)
  30. Bodyline (feat. Ben Shemie) [Eris Drew Jeep Beets Lullaby Mix] by Arandel on InBach remixed (InFiné)