Ep 149: "But Traditions I Can Trace Against the Child in Your Face"

The Cranberries.

Episode title is from the song "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears.

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  1. A World So Full Of Love (Roger Miller) by Boy Scouts on A World So Full Of Love (ANTI-) Local
  2. I Still Do (The Cranberries) by Jonny Jewel on Sweet Ones (self released) Local
  3. Heavy Water (I'd Rather Be Sleeping)(Grouper) by Perhapsy on THE (self released) Local
  4. Love is a Stranger (Eurythmics) by Cold Beat on A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries) Local
  5. Thirteen (Big Star) by Lauren O'Connell on Covers Two (self released) Local
  6. Big Sky (The Kinks) by Pat Thomas on The Village Green Preservation Society Preservation Society (Grabbing Clouds) Local
  7. Johnny Thunder (The Kinks) by Bear Call on The Village Green Preservation Society Preservation Society (Grabbing Clouds) Local
  8. Will Anything Happen (Blondie) by Al Harper on This Time (Ruby St) Local
  9. Hitler's in the Charts Again (The Exploited) by Neutrals on Rent/Your House EP (Domestic Departure) Local
  10. No Type (Rae Sremmurd) by Tyler Holmes on Actors (self released) Local
  11. I'll Be Around (Wipers) by R.E. Seraphin (self released) Local
  12. Let's Pretend We're Married (Prince) by Baus on Group Effort Vol. 1 (Different Fur) Local
  13. She's Lost Control (Joy Division) by The 1981 on Quarantine Covers (Dandy Boy) Local
  14. Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (Yoko Ono) by Mayya on Let's Keep the Hive Alive (Honey Hive) Local
  15. Someone to Share My Life With (Television Personalities) by Telephone Numbers on Mummy, Mummy Please Look at Me: A Tribute to the Television Personalities (Dandy Boy) Local
  16. Break
  17. Close My Eyes (Arthur Russell) by Madeline Kenney/ AO Gerber/ Olivia Kaplan on Covers (Copper Mouth) Local
  18. Twin Falls (Built to Spill) by Practicing Sincerity on covers + demos 2020 (self released) Local
  19. Head Over Heels (Tears for Fears) by Pardoner on Group Effort Vol. 1 (Different Fur) Local