creep magnet #145


  1. Repeat by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind) New Local
  2. lampenfieber by Carambolage on Carambolage (fuego)
  3. Je T'aime by Carambolage on Carambolage (fuego)
  4. ivan by Barbie army on barbie army (ballbuster)
  5. Rayon inferno by Barbie army on barbie army (ballbuster)
  6. Endless line by Zelda on C-Rock Work (Nippon)
  7. 黄金の時間 [Ougon no Jikan] Golden Time (live) by Zelda on 黄金の時間 (Nippon)
  8. Parallélisme by Miharu Koshi on Parallélisme (Yen)
  9. Discount Lawyer by Cindy (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  10. track 1 by April Magazine on Tape for Japan (self) Local
  11. Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex on Apocalypse (Cigarettes After Sex)
  12. nobody by Spires That in the Sunset Rise on Psychic Oscillations (self) New
  13. O Superman by Laurie Anderson on Big Science (Warner Bros.)
  14. It's not the bullet that kills you (it's the hole) by Laurie Anderson on Holly Solomon Gallery (self)