1. Lethwei by Deep Sky Objects on Deep Sky Objects (Never Ready Records)
  2. Break
  3. Iron Mike (Danny Corn Baile Remix) by Leikeli47 on single (self released)
  4. HeadTop by SHYBOI on Rave Down Babylon (self released)
  5. Break
  6. Future Creates The Present by eric uh on no future breaks in time (self released)
  7. Eyes on Me (Loraine James remix) - by Morwell on (Eyes on Me remixes) (self released)
  8. Featured Chemz by Burial on Chemz/Dolphinz (Hyperdub) New
  9. Break
  10. Hard n Nasty by Kiddy.Wav on LEVEL UP MY SKILLS (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  11. Break
  12. Unlockt by Bastiengoat on (Valence) (self released) Local
  13. Hella Good by Bored Lord on (in case we never get to rave again) (self released) Local
  14. Legion by LoveTheEnd on Nu Kvlture Mixtape (Nu Kvlture) New
  15. Break
  16. The Bottom (Ft. Ivan) by Yerba Terps on single (self released) Local
  17. Break
  18. Anna & Her Toms by DJ Swisha on (The DJ Pack) (self released)
  19. Tell Me If U Like It (Cassie Edit) by Bapari on single (self released)
  20. Break
  21. BS6 by Hyroglifics & Sinistarr on (HooverSound) (self released)
  22. Break
  23. Featured Omen by Homesick on Isolation tape (BSTS) New
  24. Next Life Rashad by Juke Dealer on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  25. Sweet Sensation by Stayhigh on (Y’All Already Know) (self released)
  26. Ritalin Jam (A.Fruit Remix) by TMSV on BTG007 ( Bun The Grid) New
  27. Advertisement by Regal 86 on (Jungle Jams) (aded files)
  28. Massive - by Harka on (ARMADASOUNDS 001) (armadasounds)
  29. DIGITAL VOODOO by ERIC UH on (ARMADASOUNDS 001 (armadasounds)
  30. Ocarina - by DJ Paypal on (Fuck Ot More Muzik, vol. 2) (self released)
  31. Featured Arena by Homesick on Isolation tape (BSTS) New
  32. Featured Rally Start by Clyde on Rally Start EP (Dome of Doom) New
  33. Linus & Lucy - by Coco Bryce on (A Myor Massiv Christmas - (Myor)) New
  34. Featured Weaponized Pleasure by Homesick on Isolation tape (BSTS) New
  35. Featured Audi S1 Quatro by Clyde on Rally Start EP (Dome of Doom) New
  36. Featured Just Close Your Eyes by Clyde on Rally Start EP (Dome of Doom) New
  37. Featured 92’ Dereham Sunset by Clyde on Rally Start EP (Dome of Doom) New
  38. Featured Our Boy Rich by Clyde on Rally Start EP (Dome of Doom) New
  39. Featured The Double - by Homesick on (Isolation tape - (BSTS)) New
  40. Blunt Junt - by Moodrich & Dobriydrug on (Fast Vibes EP - (MALöR))
  41. Featured Invocation by Homesick on Isolation tape (BSTS) New
  42. Featured Dyslexia by Homesick on Isolation tape ( BSTS) New
  43. The Raven VIP by Alix Perez on single (1985)
  44. Berry Patch (Halogenix Remix) - by Machinedrum & Holly on (Berry Patch Blended) (self released)
  45. Cake - by Ivy Lab on death don't always taste good (2020LDN)
  46. STRT PLYR [BONUS] - by KRUSH JUKE on single (self released)
  47. Ghettotekzedit’10 by DJ Rashad on single (self released)
  48. Reggie by DJ Rashad on Double Cup (Hyperdub)
  49. Damn Damiel (feat DJ Phil) by DJ Manny on (Footwork Therapy 2) (self released)
  50. Dreams (Remix) by DJ Chap on single (self released)
  51. Featured The Walls (Anna Morgan Remix) by Sun People on The Walls EP (Defrostatica) New