Energy | Disclosure, Worthy, The Knocks, Sampa the Great

Hear the vibes....see the vibes...feel the vibes....and DANCE!

Epic upbeat eclectic playlist for you tonight. Turn up and get into it!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

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Mz Prizm

PS: From The Archives  -- 2-hr Prince Rama episode ft. interview with the amazing Taraka Larson


  1. I Feel Energy by Dirty Projectors, Amber Mark on Lamp Lit Prose (Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  2. Featured Awa Ni by The Knocks, Kah-Lo on Awa Ni (Big Beat)
  3. Energy by Sampa the Great, Nadeem Din-Gabisi on Energy (Sampa the Great)
  4. Featured ENERGY - Edit by Disclosure on ENERGY (Universal Island)
  5. Step Inside My Vibe - Original Mix by Miguel Campbell on Theories Of A Different Mind (Outcross Records)
  6. Featured The Vibe by Worthy on Do You Love? (Love & Other) Local
  7. I Feel It All by Feist on The Reminder (Universal Music Division Polydor)
  8. Healing Energetics by DJ Drez, Zaire Black on Aficionados (Nectar Drop)
  9. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys on Smiley Smile (Capitol Records)
  10. Xtreme Now Energy by Prince Rama on Xtreme Now (Carpark)
  11. Enjoy The Vibes Chill Out by Laid Back on Enjoy The Vibes (Brother Music)
  12. Heat by Nick Monaco on Heroin Disco (UNISEX Records)
  13. Energy Flow - DJ Koze Splasher Remix by Mano Le Tough, DJ Koze on Selected Label Works 6 (Permanent Vacation)