B-Side Dreams 215 - Good Sad Happy Bad

New music by Good Sad Happy Bad, Tele Novella, Anna McClellan, Deradoorian and more. Correction: Palehound does not have a covers album-- I was thinking of Marika Hackman, also good!


  1. Screen by Dig NItty on Reverse of Mastery (Exploding in Sound)
  2. Blue Vein by Lael Neale on Blue Vein (Sub Pop) New
  3. Veronica by Anna McClellan on I saw first light (Father/Daughter) New
  4. Paper Crown by Tele Novella on Merlynn Belle (Kill Rock Stars) New
  5. This Is Not The Indie Rock I Signed Up For by Girl Friday on Andryogynous Mary (Hardly Art)
  6. The Bell - 2021 Remaster by Mary Timony on Mountains (20th Anniversary) (Matador) New
  7. Dead on Arrival by Drew Citron on Free Now (Park The Van)
  8. Ink of Truth by Palberta on Roach Going Down (Wharf Cat)
  9. It Will All End in Tears by Cherry Pickles on Cherry Pickled Will Harden your Nipples (PNKSLM)
  10. Shades by Good Sad Happy Bad on Shades (Textile)
  11. Hive Mind by Corey Flood on Hanging Garden (Fire Talk)
  12. Miasma by Ohmme on Mine (Sub Pop)
  13. Held Open Door by Floating Room on Tired and True (Self Released)
  14. Asleep in Spain by Pool Holograph on Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat (Self Released)
  15. Southern Belle by Palehound (Kill Rock Stars)
  16. Saturnine Night by Deradoorian on Find the Sun (Anti)