2020 releases from Gia Margaret, Julianna Barwick, Mary Lattimore, Ana Roxanne, and more, plus some new January releases...


  1. - - - by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky)
  2. Featured Oh, Memory ft. Mary Lattimore by Julianna Barwick on Healing is a Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  3. ash by Gia Margaret on Mia Gargaret (Orindal)
  4. An Affair on Invisibility by Offthesky & The Humble Bee on We Were the Hum of Dreams (LAAPS)
  5. Gold Upon White by Sarah Davachi on Cantus, Descant (Late Music)
  6. I by J. T. Boogaard & R. M. van der Meulen on PLACE (No Hay Banda) New
  7. Hopes by Ran Kirlian on Ending of an Era (self-published) New
  8. Sleeping TG77 by Martin Stürtzer on Temporal Paradox (Echo Elberfeld) New
  9. Sentinel by Ternn on ◀➬△↔↔ [apologue] (self-published) New
  10. Ra Data by Matt LaJoie on Sun Language (Flower Room) New
  11. “I’m Perfect in an Empty Room” by Dura on Mercury (Atlantic Rhythms) New