At Ease With @Jon_Digital Episode 014 - 02/04/21

Baby, I've got your money. Wear headphones.


  1. Le matin je me lève by Karsten Hochapfel; Benjamin Sanz; Antoine Viard on Le matin je me lève (MiRR) New
  2. Carrera 2 - Kraak & Smaak Remix by Three Drives; Three Drives On A Vinyl; Kraak & Smaak on Carrera 2 (Armada Music) New
  3. Warming Up by Galcher Lustwerk on Warming Up (Ghostly International) New
  4. 46 Rue Du Fort - Sivey Remix by Nikitch; Kuna Maze; Sivey on 46 Rue Du Fort / Sivey & Crafty 893 Remixes (Tru Thoughts) New
  5. Break
  6. How Have I Lived - Demo by Neal Francis on How Have I Lived (Demo) (Karma Chief Records) New
  7. Day By Day by Gary Bartz; Ali Shaheed Muhammad; Adrian Younge on Day By Day (Jazz Is Dead) New
  8. New Kid by Bear Garden on New Kid (Bolero Recordings) New
  9. Adará by Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra; Orlando Julius on Adará (Amplifica Records) New
  10. While in Lockdown by Jon Dixon on Lineage EP (Jon Dixon)
  11. Yo Soy Tatta by G.Zamora; Rolando Calzado Valle on Yo Soy Tatta (DIRIDIM) New
  12. Patella by Hammer on Patella (Unknown To The Unknown)
  13. From Above by Tom Trago on You Deserve Better (Jong Nederland) New
  14. Tariq Al Sahara by Azmari on Samā'ī (Sdban Ultra) New
  15. Careless Whisper by Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio on I Told You So (Colemine Records) New
  16. The Anti-Fascist Battle Hymn by MAST on Battle Hymns of the Republic (World Galaxy) New
  17. Boys Suck by Melodiesinfonie; Fiona Fiasco on Boys Suck (Radicalis Music) New
  18. Hummingbird by IS TROPICAL on Hummingbird (Axis Mundi Records)
  19. Komfort Food by BoomBaptist on Komfort Food (Cream Dream Records) New
  20. Vacuum Lessons by Anatole Muster; daniel hayn; Tennyson; Kiefer; Hadrien Feraud on Vacuum Lessons (Anatole Muster Records) New
  21. On The Road - Instrumental Mix by The Realm; Atjazz; Kelli Sae on On The Road (Reel People Music)
  22. Black Narcissus by Francesco Varchetta; Mario Nappi; Gabriella Di Capua; Anastasio; Diego Imparato; Joe Henderson on Black Narcissus (Francesco Varchetta) New
  23. Rhythm in Your Mind by STR4TA on Rhythm in Your Mind (Brownswood Recordings) New