Casually Crying - Episode 143 - Frances Quinlan, Tatiana Hazel, Trash Vampires, Easy Socks

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  1. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by The Delfonics on The Delfonics (Arista Records)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. Hope by Arlo Parks on Collapsed In Sunbeams (Deluxe) (Transgressive) New
  5. Petals by TOPS on Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
  6. Everything I had by Sun June on Everything I had (Run For Cover) New
  7. Trying by Burr Oak (Self-Released)
  8. ppl plzr by illuminati hotties (Self-Released) New
  9. Featured Your Reply by Frances Quinlan on Likewise (Saddle Creek)
  10. Break
  11. Leo by Dreamcast on Floral Place (PPU)
  12. So I Don't Feel Useless by Dianne Lopez (La Luna)
  13. Get U by Elujay on Adojio (Onetime! / EMPIRE)
  14. TRY by Madison McFerrin on You + I (Self-Released)
  15. B Cool (feat. Melanie Faye) by Magroove, Melanie Faye (Spaced Out)
  16. come around (with KESHORE) by kiana!! (Self-Released)
  17. Break
  18. Roll with the Punches by Mk.gee (Orchard Ears)
  19. Canary Islands by Goth Babe (Self-Released) New
  20. Baby Who by Michael Brun, Shay Lia (Self-Released) New
  21. Featured IN MY ROOM! by Tatiana Hazel on DUALITY (Downtown) Info
  22. Happy House by Common Flaws (Wires)
  23. Placeholder for the Night by R. Missing on Placeholder for the Night (Terminal Echo)
  24. Break
  25. Hell by Buzzed Lightbeer (Self-Released) Local
  26. Featured Orange Krush by Trash Vampires on Orange Krush (Self-Released) Local
  27. Fantasy Girl by Burd on Rock Bottom Friends (Self-Released) Local
  28. Chew by Pork Belly on Jinx & Chew (Self-Released) Local
  29. Stay Personable by Gunk on Gunk (Ranch Jams)
  30. Donna Said by Pardoner (Bar None) New Local
  31. Break
  32. Lessons From My Mistakes…But I Lost Your Number by Liv.e on Couldn't Wait To Tell You... (In Real Life) Info
  33. Cherry Ice Cream Sunday by Simpson (Self-Released)
  34. Honey Dew by LION BABE on Cosmic Wind (Self-Released)
  35. Honey by KAINA, Bedows, Burns Twins on Sweet Asl. (Self-Released)
  36. You Don't Know My Name by Ivy Sole on Eden (Self-Released)
  37. Featured I Know What Your Mama Thinks Of Me by Easy Socks (Hale Sheffield)
  38. Break
  39. Late Bloomer by Mereba (Interscope)
  40. Arteries by Vivienne Eastwood on Home Movies (Self-Released)
  41. I Want It (I Just Don't Know If I'll Get It) by Small Hoop on I Miss You (Green Shed) New Local
  42. Paisley by Ridgeway on Give (Self-Released)
  43. Twins by Bodywash on Comforter (Luminelle)
  44. Orange Peeler by Horse Jumper of Love on Horse Jumper of Love (Joy Void)