The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ ACTORS & DJ Tristan (Phoenix) 2/23/21


  1. Bury Me by ACTORS on It Will Come To You (Artoffact)
  2. Loverman by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds on Let Love In (Mute)
  3. Pluto Drive by The Creatures on Boomerang (Geffen)
  4. Child Of Entertainment by Diorama on Cubed (Accession)
  5. Unknown by Front Line Assembly on Mechanical Soul (Metropolis)
  6. We Don't Have To Dance by ACTORS on It Will Come To You (Artoffact)
  7. Shadowplay by Joy Division on Unknown Pleasures (Factory)
  8. Landmine by VR Sex on Horseplay EP (Dais)
  9. The Wall by Jennifer Touch on Behind The Wall (FatCat)
  10. Nar by Susu Laroche on Incivility (Primordial Void)
  11. Strangers by ACTORS on Acts Of Worship (Artoffact)
  12. I'm Afraid Of Americans by David Bowie on Earthling (Virgin)
  13. Clone Your Lover by Zeromancer on Clone Your Lover (Cleopatra)
  14. Evil by 45 Grave on Sleep In Safety (Enigma)