1. I'm Lit Like Fire by Mono/Poly on MONOTOMOIC (Naymlis)
  2. Horns by Acey on JBDUBZ5 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  3. Mind Games [Of Paradise] by Interplanetary Criminal on (Of Paradise Vol. 2 - Various Artists) (self released)
  4. The Light ft. Dean Moore by SBTRKT on WONER WHERE WE LAND (self released)
  5. Featured Mango by Monty Klein on unreleased (Nu Kvlture)
  6. Talk To The Lord On My Knees - by LAVA DOME (self released)
  7. Citrus by De Grandi on Boxed MMXX (boxedldn)
  8. Werkk by Leonce on Penetration Testing EP (self released)
  9. Pecking Order by Sinistarr on 130 Compilation (Seclusiasis)
  10. Freak U by Doctor Jeep (self released)
  11. Poppin it since 86 (Drip Tool) by Ubahnrider (self released)
  12. I'm So Hi (feat. DIYR) by DJ SWISHA on The DJ Pack (self released)
  13. Tears in the Rain - by Zomby on (Where Were U In ’92? - (Cult Music))
  14. Shirow Softworks by Eprom on Aikon (Deadbeats)
  15. Flower Scum Fuck by BORG (self released)
  16. DENG by IGLOOGHOST on (Deng) (self released)
  17. Catastrophe by Vorace on Catastrophe EP (Tangram Records)
  18. Technicolor by Starkey on Megawave (Rwina)
  19. Hoodwinked by J-Kenzo on Target Code (Artikal Music)
  20. Another Day by Clouds on Sharp Like a Razor (Headstrong Records)
  21. Fading by Shlohmo on Dark Red (Wedidit)
  22. Drift (Acid Mix) by G Jones on Tangential Zones (self released)
  23. Feel Real (feat. Xhosa) by X-Coast (self released)
  24. Only stay if you want by bastiengoat on VALENCE (self released)
  25. Sexi Pipol by astytekk (self released)
  26. On Right Now by Fracture & Sam Binga (Astrophonica)
  27. OH by Christoph El Truento on LWMP18 (Cosmic Compositions)
  28. In My Room by Frank Ocean on Blonded (self released)
  29. ALL MY LIFE SNIP by ID (self released)
  30. CCP (Traxman’s Just Like This Remix) by Traxman (self released)
  31. Give it to me by DJ Manny x DJ Taye on TEKLIFEVIP2020 (Teklife)
  32. Bang To The Funk by RP Boo on The Ultimate (Planet Mu)
  33. Stay Lit by P-80 (Never Slept)
  34. What U Want by Rubes on Full Belly EP (aeronema)
  35. Make It Clear (Ft. Frank Carter III & Lucy Annika) by Ivy Lab & Hydro (2020ldn)
  36. Del Desierto by Trax BT on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  37. Belly Ruckus - by Hedawn X Dev79 ((Forbidden Trax))
  38. Reckless by FreshtillDef on Vocalize (Freshmoon)
  39. SWEAT TRACK by Sideswipe (self released)
  40. PHAT BEAT feat. Los by Scatta on SCATTA & Friends Vol. 1 (self released)
  41. Break
  42. Get Up by Franjazzco on Chemtrails EP (Ten Toes Turbo)
  43. Been Waiting For You by EQ Why on 2050 (self released)
  44. Back2U by Cesrv on RAVETOOLS (Black Marble Collective)
  45. Break
  46. Tru Story by Hank on TEKLIFEVIP2020 (Teklife)
  47. Never Tell Me by Hyroglifics & Enei on Cash Out EP (Critical Music)
  48. The Lizard King by Rhythm Baboon on The Lizard King EP (U Know Me)
  49. Blue by Sully on Blue (self released)
  50. WHATS THE CHEMISTRY (RAYRECKS JUNGLE FIX) - by rayreck. on REWORKS VOL.1 (self released)
  51. So Chicago by Cuenique on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  52. Double Cup feat. Spinn by DJ Rashad on Double Cup (Hyperdub)
  53. Hurt Me by Stayhigh on Y'all Already Know (self released)
  54. I Really Feel by DJ Spinn on Man I Do It EP (Planet Mu Records)
  55. Club Indica by X.WILSON on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  56. Ike Hornz by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  57. 10 Toes Down by Compton on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)