1. Your Reply by Frances Quinlan on Likewise (Saddle Creek)
  2. WYG by Mere Women on Romantic Notions (Poison City)
  3. Baila by Summer Salt on Baila (Self Released)
  4. Rémora by Klô Pelgag on Notre​-​Dame​-​des​-​Sept​-​Douleurs (Secret City)
  5. Dominque by Ela Minus on Acts of Rebellion (Domino)
  6. Lockdown by Slander Tongue on Ride EP (Slovenly)
  7. Digital Colony by Sarcasm on Creeping Life (Static Shock)
  8. Archicast by Ibex Clone on From Nowhere (Self Released)
  9. Bad Luck by Space Cadet on Lion on a Leash (Wiretap)
  10. Riven by Another Heaven on Purple Flowers Mixtape (Candlepin)
  11. Strong Feelings by Dry Cleaning on New Long Leg (4AD)
  12. Canibal by Accidente on Canibal (Contrasxt!)
  13. Don't Need It by Trash Ferraris on Trash Ferraris (Refry)
  14. Body by Spiritual Mafia on Al Fresco (ever/never)
  15. Former Warnings Cluster by Eades (Heist or Hit)
  16. Worries by CASTLEBEAT on Melodrama (Spirit Goth)
  17. Mr. Herandi by Holiday Ghosts on North Street Air (Fatcat)
  18. Hall of Death by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy on Superwolves (Drag City)
  19. Big Arcade by The Fragiles on On and On (Living Lost)
  20. Rocket Surgery by Mope City on Rocket Surgery (Tenth Court)
  21. Feeding the Fire by Rat Columns on Pacific Kiss (Tough Love)
  22. Scraping the Road by Graham Hunt on Painting Over Mold (Forged Artifacts)
  23. Don't Worry by David Shrigley & Lord Stornoway on Don't Worry (Already Dead)
  24. Run Away With Her by Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz on Jooj Two (Mint)
  25. Think Too Much by Hannah Jadagu on Think Too Much (Sub Pop)
  26. Blue Vein by Lael Neale on Acquainted With Night (Sub Pop)
  27. Tommy by Sour Widows on Sour Widows (Self Released)
  28. Colour Shining Bright by Girlfriends and Boyfriends on Fallacy of Fairness (Pop Era)
  29. Pinky Ring by Remember Sports on Like A Stone (Father/Daughter)
  30. Guest Room by Future Teens on Deliberately Alive EP (Take This To Heart)
  31. Catch A Good Worm by Floatie on Voyage Out (Exploding In Sound)
  32. Elka Park by Nanny on Can't Remember Can't Forget (Midnight Werewolf)
  33. About You by Moontype on Bodies Of Water (Born Yesterday)
  34. Leslie Plain and Strong by Calyx on Stay Gone (Salinas)