Despair on the Air #72 w/ Diners

Our 72nd episode of Despair on the Air where we welcome a very special guest, Tyler of Diners!

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  1. T.O.C. by Why Dogs Why (#veryjazzed) New
  2. Featured Spinning the Yarn by Diners on Leisure World (Lauren) Local
  3. Nobody Loves You by Similar Kind (Nobody Gets It)
  4. Fiesta Dentist by yipee on Perfect (Self-Released)
  5. Don't Get Hit By A Car by Cheekface on Empahtically No. (New Professor) New
  6. Bikes at Sunset by Worrystone (Self-Released) New
  7. Burn Alive by Orchards on Lovecore (Big Scary Monsters)
  8. Wish Erase by tomemitsu, V.V. Lightbody, & Lala Lala (Friends of Friends) New
  9. Moonlight Reflection by Triptides (Alive Natural Sounds) New
  10. Hopeless by Jangus Kangus on Santa Fe Sessions (Hand Salad)