Keep Cool w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 001 03/06/21

First Saturday show! Wear headphones.


  1. Sound and Vision by Helado Negro on Sound and Vision (BBE Music) New
  2. VGF - DUB by Donald's House; Lipelis on VGF (DUB) (Soothsayer) New
  3. Black Rain - Jayda G Remix by Rhye; Jayda G on Black Rain (Jayda G Remix) (Lorma Vista Recordings) New
  4. Atomised - Machinedrum Remix by GoGo Penguin; Machinedrum on Atomised (Decca Records) New
  5. God Knows We Tried by Hugo Massien on God Knows We Tried (E-Beamz) New
  6. Maçka Yolları by Altin Gün on Yol (Glitterbeat Records) New
  7. With You by Snowpoet on Wait for Me (Edition Records)
  8. Shy Luv by Bubba Janko on Shy Luv (DMY) New
  9. Kyoto Rain by The Laszlo Project on Kyoto Rain (Lydian Label) New
  10. Urano by Caixa Cubo; Gustavo D'amico on Urano (Tratore) New
  11. Gnome Poems by Apifera; Rejoicer; Nitai Hershkovits; Amir Bresler; Yonatan Albalak on Gnome Poems (Stones Throw Records) New
  12. Burial Ground by Sex on Decks on Reminisce (Good Luck Penny Records) New
  13. Sous Blister by Octave Noire on Monolithe (Yotanka Records)
  14. Special Request by The Colours That Rise on Mixtape 1 (Rhythm Section International) New
  15. Storm by Murder He Wrote on Storm (Maraki Records) New
  16. We Choose You by Bernice on We Choose You (Telephone Explosion Records) New
  17. Fuck Ur Landlord by Grove on Queer + Black (Memories Of Distinction) New
  18. How Much Can A Heart Take (feat. Yebba) by Lucky Daye; Yebba on Table For Two (Keep Cool) New