Black Girl Joy Episode 32

Featuring D'Angelo, The Katy, Tasha, Klein, April + VISTA, Jaz Elise, Danitsa and more!


  1. Eddy by Pleasure Venom on Pleasure Venom (Self-Released)
  2. Strangers by Troi Irons on Lost Angels (Veni Vidi Vici Sounds)
  3. Metaphorically Speaking by Charlie Belle on Get To Know (Fanatic Records)
  4. Break
  5. High in the North by The Katy on Collage (752398 Records DK)
  6. Cranes In The Sky by Big Joanie on Cranes In The Sky (Third Man Records, LLC)
  7. The Receiver by April + VISTA, Zeroh on The Receiver (Self-Released)
  8. Devil's Pie by D'Angelo on Voodoo (Virgin Records America, Inc.)
  9. Gravedigger's Chant by Zeal & Ardor on Stranger Fruit (Radicalis Music GmbH)
  10. Nós by Elza Soares on Nós (Deck)
  11. OYAHYTT (feat. LaKeith Stanfield) by The Coup, LaKeith Stanfield on Sorry To Bother You: Soundtrack (Interscope Records)
  12. Hazy by Chloe x Halle on Ungodly Hour (Chrome Edition) (Columbia Records)
  13. Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close? by Tasha on Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close? (Father/Daughter Records)
  14. Break
  15. No Unga Bunga (feat. The New Breed Gang) by James BKS, The New Breed Gang on No Unga Bunga (feat. The New Breed Gang) (Grown Kid)
  16. Water by narolane, Denise Chaila, God Knows, MuRli on Water (Self-Released)
  17. Homecoming Freestyle by Br3nya on Homecoming Freestyle (Rah Boy Music)
  18. Ryde by Niniola on 6th Heaven (Drumroll Records)
  19. Elevated by Jaz Elise on The Golden Hour (RCA Records)
  20. Let Go by Danitsa on Let Go (Island Records)
  21. Baleka - Silvva Remix by Josi Chave, Cuebur, Thandi Draai, Silvva on Baleka Remix Pack (All Electronic Music)
  22. Rockin and Wavin by daydream Masi on Movie Scenes EP (Interscope Records)
  23. Neverland by LYZZA, Joe Goddard on Neverland (Self-Released)
  24. No More Shubz by Klein on No More Shubz (Self-Released)
  25. Ego Slave by Donormaal, Luna God on Third Daughter (849504 Records DK)
  26. Kalamba by BNGRS, LATASHÁ on Kalamba (Sugaroo! Records)
  27. Stay High again.. (with Fred again.. & Joy Anonymous) by Brittany Howard, Joy Anonymous, Fred again.. on Stay High again.. (with Fred again.. & Joy Anoymous) (ATO Records, LLC)
  28. foolish by Elah Hale on foolish (Interscope Records)
  29. BFF by Ceraadi on BFF (Roc Nation Records, LLC)
  30. More (feat. Coops) by IYAMAH, Coops on More (feat. Coops) (Self-Released)
  31. Real Tea by Nappy Nina, JWORDS, Stas THEE Boss on Real Tea (Lucidhaus)
  32. All For Me by Kulas, Denitia on All For Me (Oluali Records)
  33. I Know by Karun on I Know (Self-Released)
  34. Break
  35. Brown Sugar by D'Angelo on Brown Sugar (Virgin Records America Inc.)