Casually Crying - Episode 145 - Japanese Breakfast, Raavi & the Houseplants, King Willow, Bachelor

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  1. True Love by Shelley Fabares on Funny Face! (Archive)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. do you cry by Riley Queer on demos 2 (SECRET PUP) New
  5. Featured Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast (Dead Oceans) New Info
  6. Rocky by Still Woozy (Interscope) New Local
  7. No Surprises by Quelle Rox (Self Released) New
  8. Worries by CASTLEBEAT (Spirit Goth) New
  9. Half a Human by Real Estate (Domino Recording) New
  10. Break
  11. Blushing by Video Age on Pleasure Line (Winspear)
  12. Smoothie by Winona Forever on This Is Fine (Self-Released)
  13. Le château by Ginger Root on Rikki (Acrophase)
  14. Lay Up by Fana Hues on Hues (Sweet Virtue)
  15. home demo - Single by SOPHIETHEHOMIE (Self-Released)
  16. FLOWERS by BOSCO on B. (Fool's Gold)
  17. Break
  18. About You by Moontype (Born Yesterday) New
  19. Major Tool by Raavi & the Houseplants (Plant Rock) New
  20. Spike by Pardoner (Bar None) New Local
  21. Let Go by Potty Mouth (Get Better) New
  22. Featured White Roses by Girl K (Self-Released) New
  23. When I Come Home by The Drums on MOMMY DON'T SPANK ME (Universal) New
  24. Break
  25. Call Your Name by Tora (Self Released)
  26. Rain - 7" Version by Kit Sebastian on Questions / Rain (Mr Bongo)
  27. Saw You in My Dreams by Aaron Taylor on The Long Way Home (Edenic)
  28. Breathless by Electric Youth on Memory Emotion (Watts Arcade)
  29. Lick in Heaven by Jessy Lanza on All the Time (Hyperdub)
  30. All I Ever Wanted by Computer Magic on Extra Stuff EP (Channel 9)
  31. Break
  32. Featured Talk Like That by King Willow (Not Sestra Industries) Local
  33. Salt Dough by Polka Dot (Self-Released) Local
  34. Infinite Scroll by Jess Williamson on Sorceress (Mexican Summer)
  35. Dorkiest Jam Since Dawn of Time by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Zlaty Sauce Nephew (Self-Released) Local
  36. Featured Moon by Amaria (Fashionably Early)
  37. Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close? by Tasha (Father/Daughter) New
  38. Break
  39. Violet Blue by Winter (Bar None) New
  40. Anything at All by Bachelor, Jay Som, & Palehound (Polyvinyl) New
  41. Open Eyes by duendita (Mexican Summer) New
  42. Tides by Men I Trust (Independent) New
  43. Grecian Urn by Adult Books (Taxi Guache) New