COVID CULT RADIO #10 - The tear/tear in the universe


  1. venetian screens by ccfx on self titled ep (dfa)
  2. unearth me by Oklou on galore (True Panther Records)
  3. It's Over by Choir Boy on Gathering Swans (Dais Records)
  4. Rowdy Friends by Choir Boy on Rowdy Friends (Dais)
  5. Be a Man by Sacha Rudy on self (self-release)
  6. What Does It Take by MILJON on What Does It Take (Small Fortune)
  7. Empty Streets by Diamond Thug on self (self)
  8. Kreuzung by Sam Prekop on Tour EP (TAL)
  9. Last by Tourist, The Range (Monday)
  10. Hidden Falls - Tape Version by Ok Ikumi on hidden Falls (Hel Audio)
  11. Ronda by Christian Löffler on Wilderness (self released)
  12. Someday by City of the Sun on City of the sun (UMG)
  13. Perfect Instance by City of the Sun on City of the sun (UMG)
  14. To Sink by Yassou on Juxtapositions Chamber Ensemble (Yassou)
  15. Revelation by Road to Shaanxi on Revelation (Matador)
  16. the mirror by Fort Romeau on the mirror (Permanent Vacation)
  17. a far reaching light by Fort Romeau on the mirror (Permanent Vacation)
  18. Reverse by Whir on self (self)
  19. Blue Dye by Prisms - washington dc on self (self)
  20. Crazy For You (alt version) by slowdive on Pygmalion (demo)
  21. Daytrotter session by Shlohmo on self (self)
  22. Red Sex by Vessel on Punish, Honey (Tri Angle)
  23. Apathy by Shlohmo on Bad Vibes (Friends of Friends)