1. DYFLGOT by Giant Swan on Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness (Domino) New
  2. Gitarriff by Smerz on Believer (XL Recordings) New
  3. Crash by Art Crime on DISTANCED (Dawn)
  4. Seduced By Del Mundo by Andy Bolus & Joseph Hammer & John Wiese on Prelude to Hawaiian Radio (Helicopter)
  5. Memories Of The Lakeside by Driftmachine on Spume & Recollection (Umor-Rex)
  6. Featured LiqqPlast by tau contrib on encode (sferic) New
  7. Form by Visionist on A Call to Arms (Mute) New
  8. Acteon by Ronce on LOLITA (Dawn)
  9. Featured Rain by Smerz on Believer (XL Recordings) New
  10. Featured Cloister by Jake Muir on Safe (Boomkat Editions)