Casually Crying - Episode 148 - Chloe Berry, Alice Phoebe Lou, Fawning, Spellling

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  1. Something On My Mind by Diana Ross on Diana Ross (Motown Records)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. The Hardest Part [Feat. Tennis] by Overcoats, Tennis (Loma Vista) New
  5. Featured Breakfast by Chloe Berry (Spirit Goth) New
  6. last call (feat. Braxton Cook) by Rayana Jay, Braxton Cook on last call (feat. Braxton Cook) (Self-Released) New Local
  7. Juno by Spud Cannon (Good Eye) New
  8. Been A Long Time by Yukkon (Vinyl Motel) New
  9. Think Too Much by Hannah Jadagu (Sub Pop) New
  10. Break
  11. Multiply by Dora Jar (Self-Released)
  12. Be Alone by The Leave Me Alones on Be Alone (Self-Released) Local
  13. Void by Same Girls on Embarrassment of Riches (Text Me) Local
  14. Fade Away by Secret Secret on Secret Secret (Self-Released) Local
  15. Wrong by Olivia Kaplan (Self-Released) New
  16. Sugar Sweat by Madeline Kenney on Sucker's Lunch (Carpark) Local
  17. Break
  18. Mine by Ohmme on Mine (Sub Pop)
  19. IDK by Trash Vampires on Yardwaste (Self-Released) Local
  20. Dreary Example by Violent Change (Self-Released) Local
  21. What It Means to You by Droneyard on Reversion Therapy (Self-Released) New
  22. Bunny's Taxi by Pardoner (Bar None) New Local
  23. 27th St. by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare) Local
  24. Break
  25. Featured Witches by Alice Phoebe Lou (Self-Released)
  26. Important by Silverware (FreshWash) New Local
  27. Empty Space by The Y Axes on No Waves (Prize Fighter) Local
  28. Angels of Sweet by Tamaryn on Dreaming The Dark (DERO Arcade) Local
  29. Purplepink by Kalbells on Max Heart (NNA Tapes) New
  30. Be Mine by Sonia Gadhia (Spirit Goth) New
  31. Break
  32. Past Lives by Kekko (Spirit Goth) New
  33. Makes Me Feel by freddyboy (Spirit Goth) New
  34. Featured Wait by Fawning on Illusions of Control (Graveface) New Local
  35. Undeniable by Mild High Club on Timeline (Circle Star)
  36. Fun Time Havin' a Ball by Eric & His Ghosts on City in the Clouds (Self-Released) New
  37. For Props by Yves Jarvis on Sundry Rock Song Stock (Anti)
  38. Break
  39. Come Again by Dream Haste on Less Blue (Self-Released) Local
  40. Thirteen by Bedouine, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Waxahatchee (Spacebomb)
  41. Slip Away by Mini Trees on Slip Away (Self-Released)
  42. Star Stuff by Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 on Star Stuff (Company)
  43. Featured Little Deer by Spellling (Sacred Bones) New Local
  44. BNR by Crumb on BNR & Balloon (Crumb) New