MUSIC PLEASE | episode sixty two


  1. Fuera de Lugar by Little Jesus, Girl Ultra on Disco de Oro (Sony Entertainment Mexico)
  2. Estre (featuring Florence Adooni) by Guy One, Florence Adooni on Everything You Do, You Do for Yourself (Philophon)
  3. Featured Alemania by Twin Shadow on Alemania (Cheree Cheree) New
  4. Onda by Poolside, Fatnotronic on Brazilian Compilation Series, Vol. 1 (Chit Chat Records) Local
  5. Love for the Sake of Love by Claudia Barry on Discomania: Hits Dance 70-80, Vol. 6 (Halidon/Milestone Records)
  6. Featured Pretty Boys (feat. Khruangbin) by Paul McCartney, Khruangbin on McCartney III Imagined (MPL Communications Ltd.) New
  7. Featured Baka by Vandelux on Baka (TH3RD BRAIN) New Local
  8. Dieuleul-Dieuleul by Aby Ngana Diop on Liital (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
  9. What You Won't Do For Love by Michael Boothman on Touch (Invisible City Editions)
  10. Sexy Lady You by Wild Fire on Dance Hits (Culures of Soul)
  11. Cortando Bajito - Jungle Fire Remix by Gecko Turner, Jungle Fire on Cortando Bajito (Jungle Fire Remix) (Lovemonk)
  12. Han Jan by Peggy Gou on Han Jan (Ninja Tune)
  13. Homowo by Basa Basa on Homowo (Vintage Voudou)
  14. Ajo by Peter King on Oma Lewa (Clinton Roberts / 2019 Mr Bongo)
  15. Noite Preta by Lula Côrtes on Psychedelic Pernambuco (Mr Bongo Worldwide LTD)
  16. Afrika by Osborne on Afrika (Ghostly Songs)
  17. Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter by Nina Simone on The Essential Nina Simone (Sony)