math rock


  1. Mimic by Monobody on Comma (Sooper) New
  2. Break
  3. John L by black midi on Cavalcade (Rough Trade) New
  4. Pyrocene by Genghis Tron on Dream Weapon (Relapse) New
  5. I Live Here Now by Really From on Really From (Topshelf) New
  6. The Envoy by Floatie on Voyage Out (Exploding in Sound) New
  7. Priest’s Feet by Fitness on Full Well (Sad Cactus) New
  8. Break
  9. Non-Compliance by Skin Tension on Machinic Impulses of the Hyperreal (xom) New
  10. 여름놀이 / Summer Game by Dabda / 다브다 on But, All The Shining Things Are (POCLANOS)
  11. C&C by tricot on T H E (Topshelf)
  12. legacy theme by Luge on Luge (826321 Records DK)
  13. Gimme by Marnie Stern on Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars)
  14. Featured Follicle by OroborO on Dyad (self-released)
  15. Break
  16. Lamento of a Dinosaur by Helium Horse Fly on Helium Horse Fly (self-released)