Ep.140 05.02.21 (Broadcasting From Home 42)


  1. 30 seconds 2 checking read receipts by Lei on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  2. Enchanted Forest by UFO95 on Popularity Is Overated (Mama Told Ya)
  3. Avec Moi by Hooover on From The Suburbs To The City (Speedmaster Records)
  4. Elektra by Alpha Tracks on White Keys Vol.2 (Morbid Records)
  5. France Galop by KLAMER on ISMVA002​.​3 (Ismus)
  6. I Love It, Now Put It On Fire by Dissolver on Ed Gein's Wet Dream EP (Dissolver)
  7. Emotional Balance by DJ Beverley Hill$ on Aural Assimilation EP (Self-Released)
  8. Dance Machine 96 by DJ Reiz on Dance Machine EP (Union Trance Mission)
  9. Fuzion by HLLW on uzion EP (United Trance Mission)
  10. Introspective II (TRANCEMAN2000's Remix) by Blue Hour on Remixed [05] (Blue Hour)
  11. Realms by HLLW on Various Artists - Second Gate (United Trance Mission)
  12. A Tear In The Heart (Dev Edit) by Zenith on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  13. Birth Of A Cyber Goddess by Egregore on Birth Of A Cyber Goddess (Self-Release)