Local/Global Episode 21 - All Bay


  1. Tangy by Qing Qi (Empire) Local
  2. Do My Dance by Need It All Neesh (1969854 Records DK) Local
  3. B.I.O (Bust It Open) by Giveit2emLaLa on Idgaf (Self-Released) Local
  4. Loud by DomoDusse (2069370 Records Dk) Local
  5. Come Get It (Tekstrumental) by Hi-Tek on DJ-Kicks (!K7 Music)
  6. "da Mikey Nigga" by Mikey 3aNG (AVA ent.) Local
  7. Handstand (feat. Shanti & Krissy Blanko) by Traxamillion (Slapp Addict Productions LLC) Local
  8. Slow Down (Remix) by Clyde Carson ft. Problem & Iamsu! on KILT (Heartbreak Gang) Local
  9. Switch Up by Lil Pete on I Made a Promise (Public Housin') Local
  10. Put Me on Something' (feat. E-40) by P-LO on More Than Anything (Heartbreak Gang) Local
  11. Protect Yo Chain (Dub) by Kenny Segal on Kenstrumentals, Vol. 2 (Summer Rarities) (Dome of Doom)
  12. Captain Save a Hoe by E-40 on The Mail Man (Zomba Recording LLC) Local
  13. Glamorous Lifestyle (feat. Andre Nickatina) by The Jacka on Tear Gas (The Artist Records) Local
  14. Break
  15. Burn Rubber by Too Short on Married to the Game (Zomba Recording LLC) Local
  16. Hyphy Mean Grimy (feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Clyde Carson) by Chippass on Mob Principals (Zoo Records) Local
  17. Mack of The Year by Dru Down (Relativity Records) Local
  18. Nobody by Pu Tang Clan on Enter the Pu (Pu Tang Records) Local
  19. Boss Tycoon by Mac Dre on Thizzelle Washington (Sumo/Thizz Entertainment) Local