1. Super Ink Burst by Iglooghost on Neō Wax Blum (Brainfeeder)
  2. Gum by Color Plus on New York Dance Music IV (Towhead Recordings)
  3. Together Plus Mute by Ivy lab on Teacup EP (20/20 LDN)
  4. The Lavishments of Light Looking by WOKE (feat. George Clinton, prod. Flying Lotus) (Adult Swim)
  5. Blxck Kxt Remix Ft Lord Narf by Khx05 Ft Lord Narf (Never Normal)
  6. Wanda Wanda by Katamari on Katamari Damacy OST (self released)
  7. Crypto (feat. Bahamadia) by DJ SWISHA on nothing But Net (Fool’s Gold)
  8. Blood Red by Equus on REHD (Raw, Uncut) (Slippery Sounds)
  9. C'MON LES’ GO by AceMo & Les Sins on C’mon Les’ Go (self released)
  10. Featured Renegade (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) by Farsight on Renegade EP (Scuffed Recordings) New Local
  11. AMBER + GALTIER by LEKTOR SCOPES on OSSX Mashups Vol. 1 (self released)
  12. loos in twos (NRG) by Anz (Hessle Audio)
  13. Laugh Trac (ft. DJ Deeon) by Modern Melodies (Ecstasy Trax)
  14. Hyph Mngo (Lucent’s 132 UK Funky Edit) by Joy Orbison (Pack London)
  15. Zorbent by bastiengoat on ARC (self released) Local
  16. POPCORN by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 My CDJZ 12 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  17. Love Like This by CalvoMusic Edit (New Club Waves)
  18. BEAT DAT by DJ DEEON & DJ RAFAEL on I Came To Bang (self released)
  19. Avance by Monkey Junkie Funky on Avance EP - (Ineffable)
  20. MISS HONEY (ft. MOI RENEE) by quest?onmarc (self released)
  21. The Chant by Deep Sky Objects on Deep Sky Objects (Never Ready Records)
  22. It's Not Right (POLO LILLI Out All Night Bootleg) by Whitney Houston (self released)
  23. ICE PIRATES (DJ MANNY REMIX) by Modern Melodies on Ice Pirates B/W Brainscan Remixes (Ecstasy Trax)
  24. Featured ACID LIFE- COCO FUCK-N' BRYCE! by Eric Uh (self released) New
  25. Floydian Slip by JADALAREIGN on Source of Nurture (Chroma)
  26. Amethyst by Khandroma on Nu Kvlture Mixtape (Nu Kvlture)
  27. lizalfos by Sepha on JBDUBZ Vol. 8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  28. Boadaecia Days (Júk Mix) by Roo Honeychild on October Trax (self released)
  29. SMN Dub by Drummy on JBDUBZ Vol. 8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  30. Let's Work (feat Oneohtrix Point Never) by DJ Earl on Open Your Eyes (Teklife)
  31. Move My Feet (Bang, Bang, Bang, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet) by Sirr TMo Sama on #ONDATLP (self released)
  32. Suol by DJ Quesadilla on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  33. IDTTHE by TEEP on IDTTHE - Aint Kush - Conflicts (love mix) EP (self released)
  34. Smoked Ghetto Rhythm by Juke Dealer on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  35. LOVIN’ U by KRUSH JUKE on Juke Aid: Footmahi For The Bushfires (The Big Fresh Collective)
  36. U Aint Really Bout That Life by DJ Spinn on Da Life EP (Hyperdub)
  37. Rumours by Fixate on What Goes Around (Exit Records)
  38. Hero by DBridge x Double Clapperz x Kabuki x MC Ralph (Wax Alchemy)
  39. Woah Rx 2k20 by DJ Paypal on AS ABOVE (self released)
  40. I’m Not In Love feat. Sideswipe by Footmerc on FootWorks & Heartbreak (self released)
  41. LaLa by DJ TAYE on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)
  42. Juke Me Baby by Sirr TMO (Teklife)
  43. Melba by Itoa on Melba EP (Exit Records)
  44. 10 Toes Down by Compton on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  45. PSYCHOPATHIC LUNATIC by Kim Jong Ill on Nu Kvlture Mixtape (Nu Kvlture)
  46. Observer Effect by A.Fruit on Worst Behavior Vol. 3 (Worst Behavior)
  47. Heartbreak by Aranha on Dred Collective Volume 6 (Dred Collective)
  48. DAY OFF by DJ NHK Guy on 320 RIP Vol. 6 (320 RIP)
  49. Onán by El Irreal Veintiuno on Recuerdos Vol. 1 (self released)
  50. Furacao3000 by Cesrv on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  51. Warjuke by Corduroy (self released)