House of Love Episode #125 Hair Metal is Butt Rock!


  1. Come on Feel The Noise by Quiet Riot on Metal Health (Pasha)
  2. Round and Round by Ratt on Out Of The Cellar (Atlantic Records)
  3. Warriors of the World by Manowar on Warriors of the World (Nuclear Blast)
  4. Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse on Firehouse (Epic)
  5. Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper on Hey Stoopid (Epic)
  6. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard on Pyromainia (Mercury)
  7. Gypsy Road by Cinderella on Long Cold Winter (Mercury)
  8. Balls to the Wall by Accept on Balls to the Wall (RCA)
  9. Fantasy by Aldo Nova on Aldo Nova (Portrait)
  10. Naughty Naughty by Danger Danger on Danger Danger (Epic)
  11. Love Song by Tesla on The Great Radio Contraversy (Geffen)
  12. Eyes Of A Panther by Steel Panther on Feel The Steel (Universal)
  13. Jet City Woman by Queensryche on Empire (EMI Records)
  14. Bastard by Motley Crew on Shout At The Devil (Elektra)
  15. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Warrant on Cherry Pie (Columbia)
  16. Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses on Appetite for Destruction (Geffen)
  17. Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar on Standing Hampton (Geffen)
  18. In The Gold Mine by Velvet Kills on Bodhi Labyrinth (Icy Cold Records)
  19. Smooth Up In Ya by Bulletboys on Bulletboys (Warner Bros.)