1. Handsome Man by Wednesday on Twin Plagues (Orindal)
  2. Inside by Cumbie on EP (Self Released)
  3. Animated Rose by Chronophage on th'pig'kissed (Cletapatra)
  4. Cease to Exist by Supermilk on Four By Three (Specialist Subject)
  5. Folk Song by Qlowski on Quale Futuro? (Feel It)
  6. Eyes to Brightness by Body Breaks on Bad Trouble (We Are Time)
  7. Communication Breakdown by Real Sickies on Love is For Lovers (Stomp)
  8. Deadbeat Adults by The Reno Casinos on Deadbeat Adults b/w (Up The) Killjoys (Self Released)
  9. Stuck in the Morning by Night Beats on Outlaw R&B (Fuzz Club)
  10. The Producer (live) by Cable Ties on Live at the Scrap Museum (Merge)
  11. GueSt List To Heaven by Vaguess on Only Sleeping (Fat Possum)
  12. Back to Nowhere by UV-TV on Always Something (PaperCup Music)
  13. Look by Gulfer on Gulfer / Charmer Split (Topshelf)
  14. Diamond (Sprinkler) by Charmer on Gulfer / Charmer Split (Topshelf)
  15. New Fruit by Izzy True on Our Beautiful Baby World (Don Giovanni)
  16. Renegade by Red Ribbon on Planet X (Danger Collective)
  17. Rocks on the Ramp by Helvetia on Essential Aliens (Joyful Noise)
  18. Midnight Wine by Shannon and the Clams on Year of the Spider (Easy Eye Sound)
  19. Nothing to Hide by Together Pangea on DYE (Self Released)
  20. The Simple Truths by King Khan on Mother Nature's Plan (Khanniblism)
  21. Know What I Mean by The Memories on Beautiful Sunrise (Gnar Tapes)
  22. This Is All I Need by Social Haul (FatCat)
  23. Love Only by The Glow on Love Only b/w Heavy Glow (Double Double Whammy)
  24. So Free by Aaron Troyer on Trappings of a Golden Myth (No Coast)
  25. In My Arms by Lou Barlow on Reason to Live (Joyful Noise)
  26. Heartache Parade by Dirty Fences on Pony On / Heartache Parade (Self Released)
  27. Who Took the Rain by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Taken By Surprise)
  28. Doldrums by Supreme Joy on Joy (Self Released)
  29. Waited by Aquarian Blood on Bending the Golden Hour (Goner)
  30. Window Pane by Lacuna Common on It's All Talk (Self Released)
  31. Dissonant Beings by Lean Logic on The Last Mirage (Self Released)
  32. Lets It In by Breathe Panel on Lets It In (FatCat)
  33. Rei Lagarto by Bonifrate on Corsico (Overseas Artists Recordings)
  34. Song of the Bell by Lightning Bug (Fat Possum)