Mostly song in D Flat. More self promotion here


  1. Breezin' by George Benson on Breezin' (Warner Bros)
  2. Terrace by Shelter Boy, boy pablo on single (Cascine)
  3. Harsh by Bear Call on LOL Naw (Self Release)
  4. YOU - Coco & Clair Clair Remix by Triathlon, Coco & Clair Clair on SLEEP CYCLE Remixes (Freinds of / Dead Oceans)
  5. Skirmish by Tia Nomore, Stoni, Studio_Dad on Single (Text Me)
  6. Why iii Love The Moon. by Phony Ppl on Yesterday's Tomorrow (Phony PPL LLC Exclusively Distributed by Dorian Distribution)
  7. Waking by Jupie, Beauty Queen on Single (Family Computer)
  8. Garbage by Huron John on cartoon therapy (apocalypse wow!)
  9. Fade Away by Secret Secret on Secret Secret (Self-Released)
  10. Stressed! by Blushh on Single (Self Release)
  11. Drink by Destroy Boys on Single (Hopeless)
  12. If I Were You by Claud on Single (Terrible)
  13. Totally Evil Powers by Pardoner on Came Down Different (Bar None)
  14. Hideaway by Wavves on Single (Fat Possum)
  15. Stuck by Locus Pocus on Locus Pocus EP (Self Release)
  16. Naive - Tony Hoffer Alternate Mix by The Kooks on Inside in, Inside Out (Virgin)
  17. Gold! by Catapult Stevens on Single (Edgard)
  18. My Girls by Tears for Fears on My Girls (TAO Music)
  19. A Lot's Gonna Change by Sun Kin on Single (Veena)
  20. Love Will Work It Out by Durand Jones & The Indications on Single (Dead Oceans)
  21. Empty Faces by Carpool Tunnel on Bloom (Pure Noise)
  22. Turn It Around by Modern Original on Single (CandyShop)
  23. m o t i o n s by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Single (Self Release)
  24. Plastic Love by beats on Single (Warner Music Japan)
  25. Laundry by Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue on Single (Dawson Records)
  26. Talk About It by Jungle on Single (Caiola)
  27. On The Rocks by Tino Drima on Smoking (621228 Records DK)
  28. Cool Blue by Tristen on Aquatic Flowers (Mama Bird Recording Company)
  29. Wildcat Canyon by Sugar Candy Mountain on Impression (Org Music)
  30. All My Dogs by Sam Truth on Child (Self-Released)
  31. Hollow (Do You?) by Geographer on Single (Nettwerk)
  32. California by King WIllow on Single (Self Release)