1. Kill Me by Indigo De Souza on Any Shape You Take (Saddle Creek)
  2. Limited Me by Pet Fox on More Than Anything (Self Released)
  3. Two Hands by PACKS on Take the Cake (Fire Talk)
  4. Shit Apple by Smile Machine on Bye for Now (Exploding in Sound)
  5. Blue Black Grey White by Emily Jane Powers on Isometry (Self Released)
  6. Cool Clouds by Partial Traces on Wild Surf Quiet Blues (Self Released)
  7. Who Took The Rain by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Dirt Cult)
  8. Selfish Spoiled Child by Leopardo on Malcantone (Feel It)
  9. In the Country by La Luz on In the Country (Hardly Art)
  10. Coltrane by Eades on Abstract Education EP (Heist or Hit)
  11. Wildflower by UV-TV on Always Something (PaperCup Music)
  12. Don't Trust the Government by White Fang on Don't Want To Hear It (Gnar Tapes)
  13. Lentil Soup by Qlowski on Quale Futuro? (Feel It)
  14. Never in Time by Feeling Figures on Feeling Figures (Celluloid Lunch)
  15. You Little Nothing by Hélène Barbier on Regulus (Celluloid Lunch)
  16. Anthem for Artists by Body Breaks on Bad Trouble (We Are Time)
  17. Wet Leg by Wet Leg on Chaise Lounge (Domino)
  18. Body Contact by Supreme Joy on Joy (Self Released)
  19. Creeping Weeks by Gaadge on Yeah? (Crafted Sounds)
  20. I'm Impossible by Girl Friday on I'm Impossible / You're Getting a Dog (Hardly Art)
  21. mmmoooaaaaayaya by Illuminati Hotties on Let Me Do One More (Hopeless)
  22. No Shoes by Unschooling on Random Acts of Total Control (Howlin' Banana)
  23. Sanitarium Blues by Death Valley Girls on Street Venom (Suicide Squeeze)
  24. Innocence by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Self Released)
  25. CIA Mind Control by Mesh on Mesh (born yesterday)
  26. It's Darker by New Pagans on The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (Self Released)
  27. The Oceans of the Muted Life by Heavy Comforter 5 on Joey and the Rapid Dogs! (Let's Pretend)
  28. Deal by The Sueves on Tears of Joy (Self Released)
  29. Give It Up by Mini Skirt on Casino (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
  30. DOG by Snooper on Snõõper (Goodbye Boozy)
  31. Washing the Water by The Martha's Vineyard Ferries on Sun's Out Guns Out (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
  32. Year of the Spider by Shannon and the Clams on Year of the Spider (Easy Eye Sound)
  33. Six Months by Lean Logic on The Last Mirage (Self Released)
  34. Ordinary Girl by Mom on Pleasure Island (Wanda)
  35. Can't Win by LYSOL on Soup for My Family (Feel It)
  36. Lil Snitch by Child's Pose on Eyes to the Right (Thrilling Living)
  37. Simple Distractions by Street Eaters on Simple Distractions, EP (Nervous Intent)
  38. Cowards by Sweet Reaper on Microdose (Alien Snatch!)