1. Head Cheerleader by Pom Pom Squad on Death of a Cheerleader (City Slang US)
  2. Violet by VIAL on Loudmouth (Get Better)
  3. Time Walk by BNNY on Time Walk (Fire Talk)
  4. Social Seagull by Olivia's World on Tuff 2 Be Tender (Lost Sound)
  5. Offerings by Modern Woman on Offerings (End of the Road Records)
  6. Warm Void Thoughtless by Emily Jane Powers on Isometry (Self Released)
  7. Ruins of Waves by Jaromil Sabor on Mount Vision (Howlin' Banana)
  8. Shanghai by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on Butterfly3000 (KGLW)
  9. Ravachol by Warm Graves on Ships Will Come (Fuzz Club)
  10. Unoriginal by Spread Joy on Spread Joy (Feel It)
  11. Walls by Modern Cynics on Auditory Postcards (Dirt Cult)
  12. Only Fans by Gothic Tropic on Tang Brain EP (Dome of Doom)
  13. Garbage by Golden Apples on Garbage Demos (Cherry)
  14. Hiccups by Wes Meadows on Not Always (Nega Ten)
  15. memorial by Spit-take on World of Us (Self Released)
  16. Try by Feeling Figures on Feeling Figures (Celluloid Lunch)
  17. Heart to Heart by Fiddlehead on Between the Richness (Run for Cover)
  18. Missile Command by Quicksand on Distant Populations (Epitaph)
  19. 11th Street Kids by The Speedways on Borrowed & Blue (Self Released)
  20. Adrenaline by Trash Ferraris on Trash Ferraris (Refry)
  21. Bailey by Suzie True on Saddest Girl At The Party (Get Better)
  22. Never Anything Before by Predator on Spiral Unfolds (Total Punk)
  23. Little Tomb by Radical Dads on Mega Rama (Loud Baby Sounds)
  24. Love Song #6 by Upper Wilds on Venus (Thrill Jockey)
  25. Stone Path by Landowner on Consultant (born yesterday)
  26. Imaginary Harry by Smirk on EP (Total Punk)
  27. Can't Win by Lysol on Soup for My Family (Feel It)
  28. These Pines by The Sueves on Tears of Joy (Magicatalog)
  29. Dress The Part by Spodee Boy (Goodbye Boozy)
  30. We're Not Alone by Chain Cult on We're Not Alone (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  31. Motherless by Hand Habits on Motherless (Sub Pop)
  32. Sans Toi by Fleur on Fleur (6131)
  33. Tormented by The Reno Casinos on Tormented b/w The Beatniks (Self Released)
  34. More Than A Friend by Liquids on 45 (Drunken Sailor)
  35. DOG by Snooper on Snõõper (Goodbye Boozy)