transfiguration #197 textures mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Hidden Technology by Lockbox on Spiritual Malware (Primordial Void)
  2. Spirit Of '94 by GF Anon (GF Brand Recordings, LLC)
  3. I Know You See Me (feat. J Hoard & Melanie Charles) by Kassa Overall on I Think I'm Good (Brownswood Recordings)
  4. Her by Theodor Black (DOLO)
  5. Goin Thru It (feat. Stas THEE Boss) by Tay Sean (HomeSkillet Records)
  6. Frozen Blueberries by Muwosi (Leaving Records)
  7. the root of a thing by Yaya Bey on The Things I Can't Take With Me - EP (Big Dada)
  8. Daily News by Porter Ray on When Words Dance (Intratecque)
  9. Live from the Matrix by Drex Carter, redveil & Kkami (Drex Carter)
  10. Buckets (feat. KOTH & Tay Sean) by Helluvastate (loud Nice / GOBLIN Ent)
  11. Oatmeal (feat. Chuck Strangers) by Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin on $Mokebreak (Lex Records Ltd)
  12. 94 Conclusion' by GF Anon on Graceful. (The GF Brand Recordings, LLC)
  13. Under Pressure by Salar & Drae Da Skimask (Blah Records)
  14. So.Incredible.pkg (feat. Robert Glasper) [Robert Glasper Version] by Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats & Smino on UNLOCKED 1.5 (PH Recordings)
  15. League of Shadows (feat. Conway) by Dmtapes on Blunted on the Mothership (self released)
  16. How 2 Find Hope by redveil (self released)
  17. It's Only Us by Monophonics & Kelly Finnigan (Colemine Records)
  18. Redline by Nimsins (SINSBLFE)
  19. Shine by Joey Bada$$ (Pro Era / Cinematic Music Group)
  20. WHOLE WORLD (feat. Maxo) by Earl Sweatshirt on FEET OF CLAY (Deluxe) (Tan Cressida, Inc)
  21. Chill With It (A Heroes Dilemma) by Super Helpful Kwame (Super Clean Records)
  22. ETERNAL FLAME [prod: AUTOLoLA + TrippJone' by NAPPYNAPPA on TRUTH WONT SAVE US NOW (self released)
  23. TIGER BOMB chopped & screwed by PONTIAC on TIGER BOMB chopped & screwed (self released)
  24. Hazy by Fousheé (self released)
  25. Nu World Burdens by KeiyaA on Forever, Ya Girl (Forever Recordings)
  26. Size by Albertina on Sip Slow, Vol. 1 (Pattern Sounds)
  27. Keep It Smooth by LaBlue & Astrønne on Blue Phases - EP (Roche Musique)
  28. Modern Girls by Jamma-Dee on DEEZ DUBS VOL.2 (self released)
  29. Alien by Lord Byron on All (Dolfin Records)
  30. These Past Years…Told by Lord Byron (feat. Lord Byron) by Liv.e on Couldn't Wait to Tell You... (In Real Life Music, distributed by AWAL)
  31. MANIFESTO (feat. Domo Genesis) by Tyler, The Creator on CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment, as exclusive licensee)
  32. Rotary Style by Stas THEE Boss on Sang Stasia! (LucidHaus)
  33. N.O.T.M. by Peso Gordon, Pink Siifu & Conquest Tony Phillips (GKFAM)
  34. Synthetic Gods (feat. Shabazz Palaces & Stas THEE Boss) by Ya Tseen on Indian Yard (Sub Pop Records)
  35. Vince McMahon Arrest by Super Helpful Kwame on Night of the Broken Glass (Super Clean Records)
  36. Love Again by Children of Zeus on Balance (First Word Records)
  37. Genjutsu by Otis Wongsam (BONE SODA ノノ)
  38. GO FOR IT ! (feat. Sofasound, eugene cam & t a y !) by meltycanon (mekaplex)
  39. Hideaway (feat. Keese Sama) by Blvck Achilles (Wally Bo Records)
  40. Raygun (feat. Kenny Mason) by redveil (hvmor records)
  41. My Essence by Cyrax on Stay Active 2 (self released)