Tuff Signals 74


  1. El Alacrán by Prettiest Eyes on Prettiest Eyes (Self Released)
  2. Snakedog by together PANGEA on Snakedog (Harvest Records)
  3. Never Again by Kim and The Created (Burger Records)
  4. 25 Years by Melted on Ziptripper (Lolipop Records)
  5. Warm Hair by Tough Age on I Get the Feeling Central (Mint Records)
  6. Love You All the Time by La Lenguas on Tears in My Milkshake EP (Burger Records)
  7. We Are All Stone by Outer Minds on Behind the Mirror (Self Released)
  8. Don't Waste My Time by The Cheetahs on The Cheetahs (Self Released)
  9. UFO Factory by Moonwalks on UFO Factory/Painted Lady (Self Released)
  10. True East by witch coast on Witch Coast for President (Self Released)
  11. Slushie by Surfbort on RIP Die Old (Burger Records)
  12. Paperclip by Swimsuit Area on Busbody (Ecstatic Studio)
  13. The Feel by Las Robertas on The Feel (Self Released)
  14. 不管是白猫还是黑猫 Black Cat, White Cat by Chui Wan on White Night (Self Released)
  15. Weird Summer by The Zephyr Bones on Wishes​/Fishes (La Castanya)
  16. 1978, smiling politely by Martha on Martha (Self Released)
  17. Women, Trials & Tribulations by The Futures League on Don't Be A Drag (Self Released)
  18. Out The Door by Dead Farmers on Out The Door 7 (Self Released)
  19. End of Summertime Blues by Frankie Teardrop on End of Summertime Blues (Self-Released)
  20. Get Off My Wavelength by Day Creeper on Central States LP (Superdreamer REcords)
  21. Virgin Mary by Nots on VIrgin Mary 7 (Goner Records)
  22. A Friend Is a Friend by Feelings on Ends Meat (Urinal Cake Records)
  23. Ooh Hey by Desert Sharks on Template Hair (Manimal Records)
  24. Travelin' On by Sheer Mag on II 7 (Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works)
  25. We Were Young Once by Teenagers on Wheezin' the Juice (Self Released)
  26. Judy (Don't Go) by Dirty Fences on Full Tramp (Solvenly Records)
  27. Brand New Kid by The Raydios on Brand New Kid EP (Solvenly Records)
  28. More Land by The Blind Shake on Fly Right (Solvenly Records)
  29. Come Home by Low Point Drains on Out of Coke EP (Solvenly Records)
  30. Rotten Me by The Splits on II (Dirtnap Records)
  31. Novo's by The Gooch Palms on NOVO'S (Urinal Cake Records)
  32. Levitate Thigh by Heaters on Mean Green 7 (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  33. Weekend by Shark Week on Beach Fuzz (PaperCup Music)
  34. Cry Baby by Thee Tsunamis on Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)
  35. Midnight by France Camp on Purge (Forged Artifact)
  36. Poor Queen by Thee Oh Sees on Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face Records)