"there behind the hills..."

Between the fog and the light pollution, we so rarely see stars in San Francisco, but we can still dream of them. Let this week's episode help you imagine floating out in the cosmos with faith and fear and wonder welling up within. Thanks for listening.


  1. Sunrise Through The Dusty Nebula by Hannah Peel with Tubular Brass on Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia (My Own Pleasure)
  2. Jessie Cox: Space Travel From Someplace Else by Wavefield Ensemble on Concrete & Void (New Focus)
  3. Ella Macens: The Space Between Stars by Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Jessica Cottis (conductor) on Women Of Note: A Century Of Australian Composers Vol. 2 (ABC Classic)
  4. Tiny Oblivion by Karl Larson on Scott Wollschleger: Dark Days (New Focus)
  5. Battements solaires by Michèle Bokanowski on Rhapsodia / Battements solaires (Recollection GRM)
  6. Sun Rings: 8. Prayer Central by Kronos Quartet, Volti on Terry Riley: Sun Rings (Nonesuch) Local
  7. ʻOumuamua by Alchymie & Gregg Skloff on The Oort Cloud (Aerocade)
  8. A Study in Vastness by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (Kranky)
  9. The Land Between Solar Systems by Múm on Finally We Are No One (FatCat)
  10. Spaceship (arr. Michael Gordon) by Bang on a Can All-Stars on Meredith Monk: MEMORY GAME (Cantaloupe)
  11. Jennifer Jolley: Lichtweg by Ohio University Wind Symphony, Andrew Trachsel (conductor) on Ampersand (Mark)