Altered Images #207 07/21/2021 “Lost Of The Summer, Whine”


  1. Sketch For Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Smooth Operator/Red Eye by Sade (Epic)
  3. Break
  4. Victor Should Have Been a Jazz Musician by Grace Jones on Inside Story (Manhattan)
  5. Moonlbeam Levels by Prince on 1999 (Superdeluxe) (NPG)
  6. The Lovers by Alexander O’Neal on Hearsay (Arista)
  7. Thug Rock by Sandy Kerr on Thug Rock (Catawba)
  8. Oblivious (12” extended remix) by Aztec Camera on High Land, Hard Rain (Reprise)
  9. Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom (Extended) by Art Of Noise (ZTT)
  10. The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Club Mix) by X-Visitors on The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Dancing Bear)
  11. Yellow Pearl by Phil Lynott on Solo In Solo (Mercury)
  12. Destiny by Dalek I Love You on Dalek I Love You (Cherry Red)
  13. Stargard by Wear It Out on Wear It Out (WEA)
  14. Nipple To The Bottle (Long Version) by Grace Jones on Private Life (Island)
  15. 1999 Tour Demo (medley) by Prince on 1999 (NPG)
  16. Rockit (long album version) by Herbie Hancock on Future Shock (CBS)
  17. The Cure Mix (Marco Oude Wolbers) by The Cure on Treble Tops (DMC)
  18. Manchild by Neneh Cherry on Raw Like Sushi (Virgin)
  19. Stay Fabulous by Marshall Crenshaw on The 9 Volt Years - Battery Powered Home Demos & Curios (1979-198?) (EMI)