sadderday, #170


  1. Change Your Mind by The All-American Rejects on Move Along (Interscope)
  2. at 39 is annie the oldest cat? by ratboys on happy birthday, ratboy (topshelf)
  3. low-rent horror by the jim yoshii pile-up on picks us apart (absolutely kosher)
  4. first light, false down by last days of august on last days of august (fadeaway)
  5. sixth small jack by the roman invasion suite on the roman invasion suite (self released)
  6. tiny hands by can't swim on someone who isn't me (pure noise)
  7. winter widow by cave in on final transmission (Hydra Head)
  8. pass through the night by dryjacket on going out of business (lesser matters)
  9. the commander thinks aloud by david bazan on SAD! (Barsuk)
  10. leech mansion by glocca mora on the working bones, a health decline (livid)
  11. holy anxious by super whatevr on don't you wanna be glad? (hopeless)
  12. raised and erased by the number twelve looks like you on wild gods (overlord)
  13. it can't happen here by self defense family on working people (part 1) (run for cover)
  14. sleepwalker by flee the seen on flee the seen (self released)
  15. what would zooey deschanel do by two knights on no scum allowed (carucage)
  16. transatlantic by please wait on look around, see inside (self released)
  17. ghost malls by weatherbox on flies in all directions (triple crown)
  18. northern lights by the dangerous summer on an acoustic performance of reach for the sun (hopeless)
  19. attempts to break by suis la lune on the first five years (tokyo jupiter)
  20. me and all my friends by kelsi grammar on me and all my friends (self released)
  21. the path by head north on bloodlines (bad timing)
  22. hearsay by forstella ford on insincerity down to an artform (init)
  23. second-hand by ashes on wisconsin avenue tour (salad days)
  24. Antique by Texas Is The Reason on Texas Is The Reason (Revelation)
  25. curbing your enthusiasm by our sunday affairs on welcome home, kiddo (self released)
  26. smith and wesson by crushes on son of rufus (self released)
  27. even if it sounds stupid by vanilla on social evening & french divorce (conquer the world)
  28. i go, ego by owen on the avalanche (polyvinyl)