Boat Basic B*****s!?

Did Pollo Del Mar go to her 30th high school reunion? Why did Chris' Mom stoke a viral story during her San Francisco visit, and yet another reason to love Lil Nas X. This week On Bay Time.


  1. Higher (feat. Alex Newell) by VINCINT, Alex Newell, Princess Precious on There Will Be Tears (Self-Released)
  2. Arms Of Another (feat. Milly Blue & Sophie Galpin) by Bright Light Bright Light on So Gay. So Dramatic. (YSKWN! / Rod Thomas)
  3. Kelly by The Aces on Under My Influence (Red Bull Records)
  4. Simulated Paradise by Promis3 on Single (Self)
  5. Stock Image by Miya Folick on Stock Image (Interscope / Terrible)
  6. First Time He Kissed A Boy by Kadie Elder on Single (Self)
  7. Mixed Emotions by LadyHawke on Single (Mid Century Records / BMG Australia)
  8. MasKOt by Todrick Hall on Quarantine Queen (frtyfve)
  9. Wish You Were Gay by Claud on Single (Claud)
  10. And I Said Just Take Me Home by Ivan Grap on Single (Self)
  11. Malibu by Kim Petras on Malibu (BunHead)
  12. Runaway by A.W. (Allison Weiss) on Single (SideOneDummy)
  13. Nothing But The Love by Wrabel on Single (Big Gay Records)
  14. Drug Lullabies by Ängie on Single (pussycat, rock n roll)
  15. Please by Saro on Single (Self)
  16. Is It Just Me (feat. JP Cooper) by Emily Burns on Single (Island / Universal Music)
  17. Middle Of Love by Jake Wesley Rogers on Single (Self)
  18. I Am America by Shea Diamond on Single (East West Records LLC)
  19. Featured INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow) by Lil Nas X on Single (Columbia) New
  20. My House by Jodie Harsh on My House (Warner)
  21. Heartthrob by Superfruit on Future Friends (RCA)
  22. lovely. by Gregory Dillon on Single (Self)
  23. Weekend by CLUBHOUSE on Single (Clubhouse Band, LLC)
  24. More Alive by LANTA on Single (Self)
  25. ily by David Hernandez on Single (Hernandez Worldwide Music)