1. U Got Me UP (Southside - Cajmere’s underground goodies remix) by Dajae on U Got Me Up (The Remixes) (D:Vision)
  2. Right Now by DJ HANNS on Acid People (self released)
  3. XERECATION by DJ Nardini (self released)
  4. Zambo Cavero by Chinchivi on Tribilin, Rolo & DDD Remix (Humos EP Vol. 2)
  5. Passinho do Volante (Ah Lelek Lek Lek Lek Lek) by Mc Federado e Os Lelek’s (self released)
  6. Ice Cream Mane by M. Bootyspoon on Lickety Split (2 B Real)
  7. FAZER AMOR (LARINHX) by MTG (self released)
  8. Desce Perereca (DJ NpcSize e SeltonDJ) by MC Rennan & MC Caio (self released)
  9. Mito Prehispanico (Siu Mata Rework) by Dj Rogelio H on Siu Mata - EDIT PACK # 1 (Wajang)
  10. DOLFIJN by KID CALA (self released)
  11. Embers by Siete Catorce on Vague Currency (Subreal)
  12. Fuck the Feelings by 1905 on Beats 2 Bomb 2 (Former City Records)
  13. Boss Town Killaz by Amadeezy on Bounce Operators Vol. 1 (Habibi Bass)
  14. YOSHIMITSU三(よしみつ) by Etch (ec2a)
  15. Time Travelin’ by AceMo on I Want to Believe (self released)
  16. Kane Train (feat. Freddie Gibbs) by Machinedrum on A View of U (Ninja Tune)
  17. U Got Me by LUZ1E (self released)
  18. CCP (Traxman’s Just Like This Remix) by Traxman (self released)
  19. Get It by PUFF.magic on Dred Collective Volume 6 (Dred Collective)
  20. Zilla Off A Perk (Parade Time Edit) by EQ Why on Juke Pack Vol. 3 (self released)
  21. Javiera 2020 by Regent Street on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (MAKINMOVS X MATRACA)
  22. Resonate 3 by Quarta330 on Pixelated EP (Hyperdub)
  23. UltraRhodes by Ruido con H & G Panic (Juke MX)
  24. Cholo Soy by DJs Winning Eleven on Juke En Tu Idioma (POAT)
  25. The Revelation (Fiesta Soundsystem Remix) by Heritage on Scuffed Presents 006 (Scuffed)
  26. The Devil You Know by Ajazent on RAVETOOLS (Black Marble Collective)
  27. Jack [CRUEL NOON REMIX] by Breach (self released)
  28. LIKE THT by DJ Earl - on W3RK DAT ARCHIVES- LA FLAMES (self released)
  29. Them L’s feat Aggy by DJ Earl on W3RK DAT (self released)
  30. I Don’t Give A Fuck by DJ Rashad on Double Cup (Hyperdub)
  31. Kika Uma Vez by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  32. cartax by smokimg on Footcore Compilation 2 (Dochakuso)
  33. DISARM by PLOT TWIST on Breathe (District 160)
  34. Atola by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  35. Toca Aquela by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  36. Consequences by DJ Sword & DJ NHK Guy on 320 RIP Vol. 5 (320 RIP)
  37. The Bad Band ! by DJ Tre on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)
  38. The Untouchables by Baiana on Earth (RuptureLDN)
  39. DRIPPIN by RTCHRD on U & I EP (bootleg tapes)
  40. Pump It by Rory Kelly on SHUBZINVA001 (Shubzin)
  41. Featured Pinger 7 by Sexapil (Amor Satyr + Siu Mata) on Pingers II (Wajang)
  42. Thrones(Clout Version) by Cakedog on Doggystyle (self released)
  43. Featured Pinger 8 by Sexapil (Amor Satyr + Siu Mata) on Pingers II (Wajang)
  45. Thibum by Hnry & Adeller on POATVA011 - P8AT (POAT)
  46. 1 20 21 (160 bpm C min) by DJ Spinn x Taso X Sunny Norway (self released)
  47. Downtown by Jlin (Adult Swim)
  48. Like A Fool by Eric Uh on POATVA011 - P8AT (POAT)
  49. Dark Entry by Cycheouts on King of the Beats (Stereo)
  50. El Baile del Caballito (M. Printzen Remix) by Mi Banda el Mexicano on Bootwork Vol. 1 (Racoonin Records)
  51. No Manches by OSSX on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  52. See in my Eyes by Manny (unreleased)
  53. Fode Denovo by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  54. At All by DJ Spinn on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)
  55. Stardawg by DJ Swisha on Physically Sick 3 (Discwoman + Allergy Season)
  56. Spinazzo by DJs Winning Eleven on Juke En Tu Idioma (POAT)
  57. Roxxanneee by DJ Taye on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)
  58. You Lookin Good (ft. Sucia) by DJ Manny on Greenlight (Teklife)
  59. TALARICA by Rennan da Penha, MC 2jhow on Segue o Baile (Ao Vivo) (SME Brasil)