The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Owen Plays His Passions 8/24/21


  1. Tears by Boy Harsher on Careful (Nude Club)
  2. A Spooky Host by Cirque d'Ess on Black Synthetic And Dense (Cold Transmission)
  3. Break
  4. Tears Run Rings by Marc Almond on The Stars We Are (Capitol)
  5. Dear Familiar Phantoms by Mephisto Walz on The Eternal Deep (Cleopatra)
  6. Pyramids by Astari Nite on Stereo Waltz (Danse Macabre)
  7. Fizzing Human Bomb by Danielle Dax on Dark Adapted Eye (Sire)
  8. Isn't Everyone by Nine Inch Nails & Health (Loma Vista)
  9. Mansion World by Deadsy on Commencement (Dream Works)
  10. Godlike by KMFDM on Retro (Waxtrax!)
  11. No Conspiracy by Psychosomatik on State Of Oppression (PSK)
  12. Silent Visions by Kontravoid on Kontravoid (Tarantula X)
  13. Skumfuck (Version 2) by Arzt + Plusch on Septic compilation (Dependent)
  14. Persephone by Cocteau Twins on Treasure (4AD)
  15. Warm Rain single by Deep Cross on Somewhere Below (Roman Numeral)
  16. Ten Percent by Spahn Ranch on Back To The Wood (Dais)
  17. Sparks by Faith And The Muse on Elyria (Tess)
  18. Soul Alive by Lucky+Love on Transitions (self released/Bandcamp)
  19. What Isn't There by Tempers on Services (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
  20. To Die In Paris by Black Nail Cabaret on Gods Verging On Sanity (Dependent)
  21. Utopia by Goldfrapp on Felt Mountain (Mute)