Black Girl Joy Episode 53

Featuring Bahmadia, Sampa the Great, Basit, Conkrete God, John Glacier, Talia Goddess, Emida and more!


  1. Mau Mau by Tony Allen, Nah Eeto on There Is No End (Decca)
  2. Closed Place, Open World by Slauson Malone (Grand Closing)
  3. Wicked & Riled by Tribal Seeds, Hempress Sativa (Self-Released)
  4. Always and Forever by Flowers in Bloom, Sonny Miles (frtyfve)
  5. Amir by serpentwithfeet on DEACON (Secretly Canadian)
  6. If I Were A Boy by Mickey Guyton (Capitol)
  7. Miss Me (feat. ABRA) by Toro y Moi, ABRA on Outer Peace (Carpark Records)
  8. Icing by John Glacier on SHILOH: Lost For Words (PLZ Make It Ruins)
  9. Venthouse Suite by Deyah on Care City (High Mileage, Low Life)
  10. Gold (feat. Sampa the Great & 18YOMAN) by KYE, Sampa the Great, 18YOMAN (Sony Music Entertainment)
  11. Motion by ASTU (Boyish)
  12. Pep Talk by Bahamadia on BB Queen (B-Girl Records)
  13. Yahweh by Nneka (Bushqueen Music)
  14. Ezinna by B Wise, Sampa the Great, Milan Ring (Semi Pro Sound)
  15. Mamí by Oya Noire (Quablab Productions Inc.)
  16. Poster Girl by Talia Goddess (TRANCE)
  17. nlm by Devin Tracy (Create Music Group Inc.)
  18. Break Her Heart for Me by KIRBY (Self-Released)
  19. Lake Superior by Tasha (Father/Daughter)
  20. Feed Me (Live) by RIMON (ALLE$ RECORDINGS)
  21. Winona (with Jamila Woods and Vagabon) by Miloe, Jamila Woods, Vagabon (things we like)
  22. Dirty Tampon by Troi Irons (Veni Vldi Vlci Sounds LLC)
  23. Free by Conkrete God on Conkrete God EP (Self-Released)
  24. Wouldn't Mama Be Proud by Oceanator (Plastic Miracles)
  25. Collect Check (feat. EMIDA) by Black Caviar, Emida (Dim Mak)
  26. give that girl some room by Exmiranda (Ear Appeal)
  27. Yomp - Esty Remix by DAGR, Dizzy Fae, Esty (Self-Released)
  28. Crystal by Basit (Self-Released)
  29. Death to the Old Self by MEI on The Hard Way Around the Sun (Self-Released)
  30. dashery by Dua Saleh (AGAINST GIANTS)
  31. Felicity by Ouri, Antony Carle (Born Twice/Lighter Than Air)
  32. Just for me by PinkPantheress (Parlophone)
  33. Play x Play by Ré Lxuise on Sweetest Revenge (LxuiseGxld)
  34. chuu by anaiis, Topaz Jones (Dream Sequence Recordings)
  35. When I Land by Kabwasa (Self-Released)
  36. Woman Of The Ghetto - Reimagined by Melanie Charles, Marlene Shaw (Verve)