World of Echo Episode 156


  1. Let's Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix) by Arthur Russell on Let's Go Swimming (Audika)
  2. Cat Counterpoint by Elodie Lauten on Piano Works Revisited (Unseen Worlds)
  3. Equal Temperament Fender Mix by Catherine Christer Hennix on Selected Early Keyboard Works (Empty Editions)
  4. Memory and Desire by Laura Cannell on The Earth with Her Crowns (Brawl)
  5. Burned by Patrick Belaga on Blutt (PAN)
  6. Continental Drift by Matt LaJoie on Pan-Gaia (Flower Room)
  7. Greenways by Áine O'Dwyer and Graham Lambkin on Green Ways (Erstwhile Records)
  8. Ocigam Trazom by Christina Kubisch on Mono Fluido (Important Records)