"hi, i'm your friend. we walk together, chatting in the venue."


  1. Garden by Ning Yu, David Bird on David Bird: Iron Orchid (New Focus) New
  2. Harbor by Van Stiefel on Spirits (Panoramic) New
  3. lumee’s dream (Ellen Reid installation mix) by Rebecca Jo Loeb, Nadia Sirota, Bridget Kibbey, Amy Schroeder, Rob Moose, Nathan Schram, Andrew Yee, Matt Smallcomb, Ellen Reid on Ellen Reid & Roxie Perkins: lumee’s dream variations (Decca Gold)
  4. Song of the Messenger by Majel Connery on ORPHEA (self released)
  5. Geirr Tveitt: Vél komne Med Aeran (arr. Simon Hale) by Mari Samuelsen, Gunnar Flagstad, Hakon Samuelsen on Nordic Noir (Decca Music Group)
  6. Ellen Reid & Mandy Kahn: Orlando and Tiresias by Jodie Landau, wild Up, Graduale Nobili, Christopher Rountree (conductor) on you of all things (Bedroom Community)
  7. Paula Matthusen: Such is Now the Necessity by Loadbang on Plays Well With Others (New Focus) New
  8. Alice Zawadzki: In an Old Theatre by Notes Inégales with Alice Zawadzki, Mark Sanders, Orphy Robinson, Chris Sharkey, Alexander Hawkins, Peter Wiegold (director) on Expect the Unexpected: Live at Club Inégales (Club Inégales) New
  9. Last-Minute Smears by Mary Halvorson's Code Girl (Amirtha Kidambi, Maria Grand, Adam O'Farrill, Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek, Tomas Fujiwara, Robert Wyatt) on Artlessly Falling (Firehouse 12)
  10. Prayer with Night Pictures by Alex Paxton, David Zucchi, David Ingamells, Felix Josza, Alyson Frazier, Emma Purslow on Alex Paxton: Music for Bosch People (Birmingham Record Company)
  11. String Quartet No. 1: I. Allegro Molto by Conlon Nancarrow on Lost Works, Last Works (Other Minds)
  12. String Quartet No. 1: II. Prestissimo by Conlon Nancarrow on Lost Works, Last Works (Other Minds)
  13. antechamber by Boston Percussion Group (Matt Sharrock, Brian Calhoon, Greg Simonds, Aaron Trant) on Curtis K. Hughes: Tulpa (New Focus)
  14. nobody's here but everybody's listening by 7Balcony on 7Balcony (Birmingham Record Company) New
  15. Max Richter's Dreams by 9 Horses (Joe Brent, Sara Caswell, Andrew Ryan, Emily Hope Price, Dallin Applebaum, Rebecca Pechefsky) on Omegah (Adhyâropa) New