1. Build Back Better Sweatshops by Madteo on St8 Crooked (Honest Jon's) New
  2. Vessel by Martina Lussi on Balance (Präsens Editionen) New
  3. Moderato by Astrid Sonne on outside of your lifetime (Escho) New
  4. Kernel by SaffronKeira & Siavash Amini on The Faded Orbit (Denovali) New
  5. Featured B1 (feat. Ryan & Kouhei) by Nikolay Kozlov on OUTTAKES21 (Self-Released)
  6. My Dreams Sleep in Your Hands by HELIOCHRYSUM on We Become Mist (Bedroom Community) New
  7. d d don't by Kate NV on d d don't (Adult Swim) New
  8. Оборона / Oborona 2020 by margenrot on Obkhod (Klammklang) New
  9. Hydra by Anthony Naples on Chameleon (ANS Recordings) New
  10. Featured Valentina by HTRK on Rhinestones (N&J Blueberries) New
  11. Leaving No Trace by David Toop & Akio Suzuki & Lawrence English on Breathing Spirit Forms (Room40) New
  12. Featured 51°30'22.4"N 0°05'17.0"W by Aboutface on °s (AD 93) New