The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest co-host DJ Erix! 6/4/2015


  1. Slur by Coil
  2. Flowers and Fire by Blitz
  3. Tenement Roots by Glorious Din
  4. Nine While Nine by The Sisters of Mercy
  5. Blue Room (7" extended mix) by Kirlian Camera
  6. Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure
  7. Shattered In Aspect by Faith & The Muse
  8. Supernature by Inkubus Sukkubus
  9. Everything for Maria by The World of Skin
  10. Oyster by Bel Canto
  11. Julia by Asylum Party
  12. Love Is Strange by Wolfsheim
  13. New Gold Dream by Simple Minds
  14. Life In The Gladhouse by Modern English
  15. Tension by Killing Joke
  16. Time Is Out by Spectres
  17. St. Vitus Dance by Bauhaus
  18. Your Touch by The Frozen Autumn
  19. Thursday by Cranes
  20. Duende by Delerium
  21. Metal Field by SPK
  22. Metro MRX by Soft Cell
  23. Insecticide by Fad Gadget